This page includes an overview of the disease, along with the most notable findings in our survey. Please don’t forget that each section has a page dedicated to it, where you can find more in-depth information.

Doll Eyes Syndrome
The autonomic nervous system regulates involuntary actions that allow the body to function. When we stand, for example, the body needs to accommodate an entire set of processes to allow this. Autonomic reflexes ensure that blood gets appropriately distributed to the upper body by changes such as muscle tone, vessel tone, heart rate, and pumping responses in the heart. There is a range of diseases that affect the autonomic nervous system known as dysautonomia.Although anyone can be affected by postural tachycardia syndrome, it is by far most prevalent among woman in their teens, twenties, and thirties. Patients also find it incredibly difficult to get out of bed at all. Of those surveyed, over 78% said it was suggested they suffered from a physiological, not physical, disorder when being diagnosed. Another notable finding in our survey is the amount of time patients can suffer from often debilitating symptoms before receiving proper treatment. Nearly half stated it took more than 2 years to receive a diagnosis. Diets that are high in sodium and low in gluten have proven to be effective in some patients.

“Oculocephalic Reflex Testing During Brain Death Examination” By David Urion For Openpediatrics

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You can read more about how exercise helps in this section. The best course of action is to work with your doctor to find a treatment plan that works for you. In this classification, the dysautonomia is a result of another condition or disease in the body.

We asked that only people with an official diagnosis take part; however, no additional efforts were made to “proof an official diagnosis”. Postural tachycardia syndrome: a heterogeneous and multifactorial disorder. She took the time to put me on supplements to try and other medications to see if anything they suggest for fibro actually works. My next stop is a 2nd opinion from a new neurologist if this doesn’t pan out.

I hope you’re able to find someone that listens to you. Too many people (including myself) are misdiagnosed and/or undiagnosed until the problems become system wide.

I was mis and un diagnosed for years, even in an area that is known to be hyper endemic!…go figure. Lyme is a possibility but not a probability that should stop you from exploring other options. Lyme generally cannot be diagnosed for the first month, and potentially requires several rounds of testing. Don’t take the non-diagnosis as an ending point. There you will find the answers you need.

I have had many incidents to where my heart has stopped completely.

I wish hospital would take me in and help me but they just send me home. Different causes have different treatment options, particularly medications. It is a syndrome with very different disease mechanisms that can lead to the same cluster of symptoms. They have the latest and greatest diagnostic tools. They impressed me with holistic approach to management. They practice including the patient’s in put in that patients’ treatment plan. Previously 5 min of recumbent exercise on a bike would cause blackouts & seizure like activity (full body tremors).

I would have to assume it has something to do with the autonomic nervous system and how it affects the blood vessels. The reason for the heat sensitivity is that heat dilates blood vessels, making the blood flow down to the legs more quickly and easily.

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I hate being so sensitive to temp changes.

I just thought these symptoms were part of that. And when u stand it’s like death is seriously seconds from towing you under?

The video discusses the method & various treatments the author recommends to minimize the disorder’s effects on the patient. As fatigue increases, adrenaline also increases to combat the fatigue, but that then can negatively affect the quality of a person’s sleep. The combination of these two supplements are also very valuable in reducing the effects of heat or humidity on the person who takes them. My daughter went through this for 2 years before being diagnosed. In the meantime encourage him to eat salty foods, plenty of water (my daughter drinks 60 ozs per day )and consider medication from cardiologist to help regulate and get his body under control. If he is anything like my daughter he is very weak and tired with not much appetite. It was a slow road as she had spiralled so low and was collapsing 2 and 3 times a day sometimes in the beginning. Maintenance to stay healthy is constant but getting out of the fog is so hard.

Doll Eyes Syndrome

My experience is that few doctors don’t understand what this illness is. Once you can start controlling the amount of times he collapses a day and can get to a day he does not, try to encourage him to start walking as exercise will help. Definitely рrice booҝmaгking for revisiting.

I wonder how a lot attempt you place to make such a excellent informative site. When she comes to, she feels nausea, vomits and has a bad headache. Doctor suggested she see a neurologist for the hands shaking. Just doing my wife’s and my laundry wears me out!

I got a stomach virus that had me sitting on the throne while throwing up in a trash basket!

POTS Syndrome

Prayer gets me through the really bad days!

He has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, spent 2 months in the hospital for a stomach infection that required 2 years of antibodic treatment. He suffers from anxiety, depression, sleep problems and just about every symptoms mentioned having to do with pots syndrome. Last year he was diagnosed with addisons disease and started treatment but still suffers from many dipiltating symptoms.

I will take this info back to his dr and insist on a referral to a cardiologist. Florinef helps your body retain the fluids and salt it needs to keep blood volume up high enough.

I also get this little pots rashes, and modelling, which are little marks on my body.

I also can not take heat/coldness as much.

I have been diognosed with pots at age 11.

I having another pots episode, and my allergist suddenly listened to my heart, and he could feel and hear it pounding. My history is regrowth of meningioma operated on, then started to have the postural hypotension.Really since the fracture life has got worse. Actually, feel these days as being quite lost, having always been so independent. It has helped ease my dizziness upon standing or changing positions. Furthermore, abdominal pain is the most common symptom of acute porphyria a genetic metabolic condition that can cause postural hypotension which is a symptom of disease, not a disease in itself. It took me over 15 years to get a correct diagnosis. Over the last 11 years things have gotten worse to the point where i have been passing out a lot more lately.

It is a very scary thing but i am really trying to stick with the diet and exercise program my neurologist has given me.

I was unable to go to school for a long time and eventually started doing half days.

I hated this idea and really pushed myself to go to school. So sitting at home all day was making me feel worse.

I eventually made it through full days of school. Keeping myself to a set routine and pushing myself to go to school and practice makes me feel better.

I try to have one in my water everyday to keep myself feeling good. She did stop going to school and is now home schooled. Just curious if anyone looked into spinal disc issues?

It has become more severe as the years have gone by.

I feel like there’s a connection somehow. Could physically see chest pounding (this has been happening my entire life, especially at night after drinking red wine or sometimes for no apparent reason). During this 6 hour period, tachycardia ranged from 110-130 consistently and never dropped.Told me to stand up and heart rate jumped to 150 (monitor alarms went off). Entire body went into shock and went completely numb.

I was mostly unconscious on a heart monitor in the cardiac unit of wyckoff medical for another day after that.

I felt a little bit judged because my chart from a visit i had a month prior showed cocaine usage.

I went in about a month ago with similar tachy/chest pains/shortness of breath symptoms after a night of drinking and light cocaine usage.

I had 115 tachy again by the time they were discharging me and they still told me to leave. It just feels tense and blocked up even after deep tissue massage. The pain radiates into my arms and hands. A frequent feeling of pins and needles, almost like an itch just below the surface of my skin. It’s easy for doctors to answer you or treat you like your cocaine use is the only problem.

You can go to the endocrinologists, cardiologists, and neurologists for various symptom treatment. They are not in a position to diagnose your long term issues. The heart rate increase must be sustained. She currently has dizziness (instead of vertigo), weakness, nausea, vomiting and often feels like she will faint. She has several days each month when she does not have the strength and ability to get out of bed due to her symptoms. The only remedy through all of the doctors, medications, and therapies have been certain amusement rides with centrifugal force and at one time swinging forcefully on a swing. If it works, her symptoms are relieved from 9 hours to 9 days and then they return to the same level. My mother had a concussed inner ear from a fall as a child (long story) exacerbated by a serious car accident (long story) and suffers very similar symptoms to your daughter. Consistent chiropractic and even ginger helps but by far the vestibular exercises and training has helped her.

Dawn Doll Archive

I feel so badly for her, and helpless as a parent. There is nothing worse than seeing your child suffering and not being able to help. For now, we are trying different med combinations. She has also been to a gastroenterologist and a sports doctor to try to find a diagnosis. While she does get dizzy when she stands up quickly, this is really not a serious problem. Everyone we talk to stresses low blood pressure and dizziness, and tries to focus on that for her therapy—eating lots of salt, compression hoses, etc. She only has the energy to go to school every other day and has had to stop swimming—she was a state champion working towards a college swim scholarship. The school is extremely helpful, but her grades are still dropping. She hasn’t started taking it yet, so can’t speak to its effectiveness. Extreme fatigue, pressure in my head, dizziness, constant exhaustion. Do you mean the preliminary evidence that suggests there might be a defect in nitric oxide in a small cohort of patients?

I would pass out randomly, sometimes 3-4 times a week.

I applied to be evaluated at the mayo clinic.

I could have been having a stroke or heart attack for all he knew!

I was diagnosed, before starting medication, the doc put me on salt tablets (like the ones that marathon runners take), to see if that would put my symptoms at bay.

I eventually removed these from my diet and replaced it with medication. Not only will lots of water increase your blood flow, but it will help keep you from becoming dehydrated from your salt increase. Keep those electrolytes up as you increase your water though. It seems the increase in water can backfire if you let it flush out the sodium/electrolytes. It seems that when you eat a lot at one time, much of your blood then has to go to your stomach to aid digestion. If you do have to stand for a bit, tense your leg muscles and shift your weight frequently so that the blood pooling doesn’t happen so quickly. Keep it short, and don’t be afraid to ask people if they are willing to have this conversation sitting down. Avoid going to the store (or anywhere where there are lines!) at peak times. Like if is a lot better when you don’t pass out and who cares what people think.

I discovered that sleeping on my side caused my heart to have more palpitations. For me there are some side effects with this med, but they are absolutely worth the payoff for me.Cooler showers or allowing time to rest afterwards is also helpful.

I often feel like my sensors are on overload, and every noise or light or movement feels like it triggers adrenaline in me. Let someone else drive you home if you’re out and are unstable/having trouble thinking!

I wore these pretty solidly for several years, and discovered that putting them on first thing in the day (rather than after you’ve walked around a bit and gravity has done its thing) was more effective for me.

I mainly used the highest compression, and though these are not my fave and are pricey, they do wonders!

Hand-washing/drying keeps them lasting longer. Put lotion on your legs and give your legs a break from time to time so that your skin can heal and not be too dry. He ordered another chest ultrasound, a tilt table test, and for me to wear a heart monitor for a week.

I have best getting extremely bad chest pains lately especially. They are usually centered in between my left and right ribs in a triangle shape at the top.

I finally stopped talking about that symptom.

I accept it will take time to build myself up and plan to work very hard to do so. Thank you so much for creating this site for those of us around the world with this condition. My entire body can continue shaking and stuck in this position for 5-20 mins (or how ever long the “episode” takes to pass). Its extremely difficult to breath when this happens, and it feels like my lungs are being constricted, which then causes headaches that can last for weeks. Has anyone else had this sort of reaction during an “episode”?

They diagnosed that years back as vasovagal syncope with seizure activity. Doctors are trying to tell me it’s all in my head. They ran so many labs, took so many scans, and multiple other tests.

I could make it to the bathroom and back and would need to lay down and recover.

I had scary fluttery racing heartbeat and nearly passed out several times. After they sent me home with my diagnosis, my symptoms worsened. Now i think my blood pressure is too low. Last night i stayed awake sitting upright on the couch to keep my heart rate up so that my bp wouldnt be quite so low.

I felt like i was going to pass out and just stop breathing. This has been the scariest experience of my life. This syndrome has left my life in pieces.

I had a wonderful 29 year career as a hairstylist.

I would stand for easily 10-12 hours 4 days a week.

I have been a hiker, jogger, walker my whole life. How in the world can anyone financially overcome this?

I am so active, my whole life revolves around physical activity.This feels hopeless and to overwhelming to ever overcome.

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