Start yarn up again on other side of bootie and secure the yarn tail, stitch all the way down the other side, and secure with 3 back stitches. Fold the top 1/2" or so down when finished.

This site is updated several time a day by hands, so bookmark it now and come back everyday. Only eight rounds are worked up to get these cute booties.

You are clear, simple and it turned out super cute!!

I have made one bootie by watching your video on youtube but my internet is terribly slow and cuts out all the time.I also am thinking of making you baby booties key ring for someone and can’t wait to start making it.

I have a question regarding the categories; is category 3 just a softer yarn compared to category 4 or is there a more in depth reason to use 3 for babies?

Wishing you all the best with your future comments. That’s great that you will find reading patterns easier now. Can u please upload a video with converse shoes for babies. How wonderful that you are a doll maker, very impressive!

How To Crochet Doll Shoes / Simple Booties

Doll body crochet ;

Therefore, you would start the round with a ch-2 and then work 35 hdc sts around which totals to 36 sts all up. They traditionally have crochet shoes and sweaters. Thank you for leaving your lovely comment. How can i download this so i can do this even without internet connection?

Thank you for making it so easy and enjoyable.

I want to thank you for posting your patterns so generously with lots of cheer!

Thank you for posting your photo on facebook.

I have never made booties before and just made 2 pair in a couple of hours and they turned out beautifully.

You have really helped me through this process in so many ways!

Thank you so much for your free help with all this crocheting. Her mother-in-law passed away recently but before she did she kept saying she was seeing pink baby booties.

I want to make these for them in pink and mail them to her in honor of her mother-in-laws passing. When you say category 3 yarn does that refer to the little square on the packaging that has the number on it?

I am still learning all the crocheting “lingo” and what it all means. Great tutorial, you made so easy to flollow. It would have been nice if it had color pages but at least you have a color picture on the front and back covers. Place stitch marker in each ch 2 you make at the start of rounds. Rnd 5: ch 2, (you will be working into both loops on the top of each st now.

I make Lousille an adorable pair of pink booties!

She loves them and looks super cute in them and I will have to make a blue pair ...