She plays with it all the time, and enjoys it!!!

It was packaged really well, and it arrived quick!

It was a pleasure doing business with you!!!

She loved having the baby doll to play with and it’s highchair and crib. My daughter did like her purple streak though. She’s a cheaply made doll with hard plastic and weird clothes.With so many pieces to inspire possibilities, kids can play out so many babysitting adventures. Skipper doll wearing fashion and accessories, baby doll with color-change face, high chair, crib with spinning mobile and themed accessories. Then put her into her crib -- a spinning mobile will help baby sleep. Kids simply use cold water to see the doll's face go from clean to messy and warm water to reverse. Skipper doll, a baby doll, furniture and accessories matched to classic childhood moments. The feeding and naptime themed set has so many fun features to add inspiration to storytelling, like color-change action on the baby doll.

Just give it a push to entertain baby and add a twist to playtime. Ensure sweet dreams for baby with a spinning mobile on the crib!

Use the spoon-shaped sponge and cold water to see food appear on her face; use the cloth and warm water to clean her up. Color-change action on the baby doll’s face adds role-play realism & fun!

A bent arm on the babysitter doll lets her hold the baby figure for active storytelling. There’s a babysitter doll, a baby figure, a high chair, a crib and 9 feeding-themed play pieces.