Tinkerbell has a very pretty tulle and silk dress with nice detailing. Her wings do droop a little, but are slightly reshapable - this does not detract from the doll at all.

Doll Bell
This doll is perfect for my almost 2 year old!

It is large and great for my toddler to hug and carry around. Wings are a bit floppy but that makes it ok for hugging. Includes 1 doll, 1 tutu, 1 pair of wings, and 1 pair of shoes.Goddaughter really enjoy playing with it.

I love that the entire doll is plush with no hard parts that can fall off or be bitten off. She's been well loved and took a bath or two in the washing machine and always comes out looking good as new. Shimmering iridescent bodice and hair ribbon. Spirits soar sky high with our pretty plush pixie!

Three-layer dress with satin underskirt and sparkling tulle overskirts.

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