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Doll Face Molds Clay
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We are selling out all resin molds at a discount.All faces except the top 4 have been embellished. All faces except the top 6 have been embellished. Santa #19, was created years ago in a hard resin format. She's 14 inches tall and has many pockets to hold your stories. If you use resin they will come out matte and need a gloss spray to achieve a shiny look.

I recently downsized into this tiny home and love it!

Quickie How To Make A Mold With A Doll Head

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I am always looking for new pieces to make molds of.

I love garage sales, cooking and crafting!

I hope you find some favorite molds here.

I try to make one that goes with your order. This way you are not surprised when your new molds arrive. All listings have a picture with the item next to a ruler. Please note that all molds are handmade as they are ordered and the orders are mailed in the order that they are received. Please take this into consideration before purchasing. Before purchasing, please be familiar with your countries' import policies.

We are a honest and lawful business regarding items values and descriptions on customs forms. Please do not ask us to alter these values.

I ship priority mail at my discretion for larger orders at no extra cost to the customer. My blog has mold information and a video tutorial. Your happiness with our transaction is my goal. Packages can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arrive at your house.

I cannot be held responsible for customs fees your package may incur as they are imposed by the receiving country and are not in my control. There are no even sides or backs for poured materials. I have no way of experimenting with all kinds of clay, but other than the "picking up detail" ability of your clay - there is no reason these molds wouldn't work for you.

I know that this type of clay is more gritty and wet, thus it may not able to pick up the finer details of many molds. Nature spirit carvings and button molds should work, probably not the more shallow molds such as vintage art nouveau items or simple faces. Toaster ovens also allow for better temperature control and visual monitoring. Dab powder gently onto your cab's raised areas and allow the dark clay crevices to show through. If you have a lot of time you can use multiple colors to fill in each detail. Sculpey glaze, like most other clear drying sealers, can be mixed with any color acrylic paint you want and will settle into the deeper areas of your cabs, doing your highlighting job for you.

verona barrella ooak polymer clay art doll mermaid by veronabarrella image
This would make removing your material, especially for people using clay or other unhardened media unable to remove the art without warping the edges. Because of this, my molds have low edges. My molds are made for clay, not poured materials, so there may be some difficulty using liquid/poured materials that need to be thicker than 1/4" without leaking out of the sides. Since most molds have rounded backs, they will not stand even on their own. Don't try to heat the powder inside the mold with a heat gun. Take a blank pendant tray and press it gently down onto your clay to create an outline. Cut out using an x-acto knife/razor blade. Gently place the clay into your pendant, making sure it fits well. This is a good time to apply a finish such as perfect pearls , a metallic pigment powder that sticks to the raw clay. Then bake the clay while it sits in your metal pendant. Most of my molds are around 1/4" deep up to 1/2" deep depending on the carving it was cast from.

Doll Face Molds Clay

Again, most molds have uneven edges that will cause liquids to pour out of the sides and they should only be used for wafer thin soap top cameos or inclusions. The glue keeps it in place for a rainbow metallic finish and the black glue is a great background for any tiny missed areas. Since molds are shaped to the item cast, you'll need to build a base to keep it level with your table. Lego blocks work well for building temporary bases. A spray sealer is often needed for resin as it sometimes cures to a slightly sticky finish.

You can use these molds the same way you would use polymer clay. Overnight would be the best as the clay needs to be completely dry before firing.

You can also place the mold, with the clay in it, into a dehydrator for quicker drying. The shrinkage of the clay when firing makes these details even finer. Molds will no longer be gray or purple in color, currently they are yellow. The temperature resistance is still plenty to be used with hot glue, poured embossing powder and chocolate. It is preferable to remove polymer clay prior to baking, but it should not damage the mold if your oven heat spikes are under 395. When used with clay at room temperature, molds typically last hundreds of impressions/years of gentle adult usage.

I do not recommend allowing children to play with flexible molds as they can tear with rough handling. Would you like me to display your work on this page?

】How To Use Face Mold【Clay Tutorial/ Anime Figure/ Diy/Lovelyu】

Hi Sweetie Subs 🙂 This is cute clay anime figure is 100% made by clay.

We use light air dry clay most. Sometimes we use resin ...

verona barrella ooak polymer clay art doll   fairy by veronabarrella image