Thank you for providing all the free lovely patterns. This is adorable, and perfect for my little ballerina grand daughter.

Working on one for my little ballerina 3.

I have a question about the body portion of the doll. Should the body portion start with the ‘flesh’ color or the leotard color?

Sew hair to the head, then sew the bun on it.Put some fiberfill in the neck before finishing. Keep the body upside down while working, crochet in the opposite direction. Make 1 ch from the second leg and crochet sc in the first leg (in the next stitch from fastening). Then undo 8 stitches on this leg, fasten off and hide the end. This is the place where the body is started from. Crochet the second leg in the same way but don’t cut the yarn, continue working.

Take the first leg and place the stitch marker in the next stitch from the last one. It will be one of a kind present, you will not find in shops!

Stuff as you go after inserting safety eyes. And also take acct that your doll will be much bigger if you are using thicker yarn and a bigger hook. My granddaughter is very excited to watch me make this and is waiting anxiously for me to finish it. It being a heavier yarn could anyone suggest an approximate hook size to try?

I struggle in understanding the pattern of the bag – the 2nd row??

Referring to the shoe round 5 in front loop only done in white?

Just wondering what the benefit is of putting it in.

I can’t figure out how to attach the hair. She has a full head of slightly frizzy hair. Maybe one with different pattern top and hat and bag?

You crochet a straight chain (not a circle), then crochet along the chain at both sides in spiral like baby shoes.

You can see the total number of stitches in square brackets.

I started making bits and bobs to sell towards my grand daughters go fund me as she has leukaemia. Same stitch technique but different terminology. But note that in case you use thicker yarn and bigger hook your doll will be larger. Because it takes a lot of time to prepare the patterns.

I will be definitely buying more from you. Also you can insert a wooden stick in the neck (one end of the stick is inside the body, another one is inside the head).

I do not get how you end up with 36 stitches.

I really want to finish the vest the doll just isn’t complete with out it. So, you should crochet dc in next 8 st, then crochet 9th and 22nd together skipping the stitches from 10th till 21st. How do you crochet 9 and 22 stiches together, and 41 and 54 stitches together?

Doll Net

emon pikachu doll crochet bodoll net
Join yarn at the sides and crochet along the thread with sc to make the handle.

I don’t even see an option to buy this pattern. Fold and crochet across the sides from the wrong side with sl st, thus joining the sides of the bag. Please see the video-tutorial how to make them before starting. Crochet a loop for button at the left side in a suitable place. Rnd 14: sc in all 12 st in back loops only. Fold, crochet 6 sc through both layers to close. Cut the yarn leaving a long tail for sewing. Rnd 56: (dec, sc in the next 5 st) repeat 6 times [36] – it’s important to make the decrease first, otherwise the side of the body will be straight. Join the legs with 3 ch (crochet 3 ch from one leg and join to another with sl st). The second part is crocheted in the same way.

Doll Body Pattern Free

How many parts are there to the tutorial?

I sewing them on before or after stuffing them?

The doll crochet pattern includes the instructions for clothes and bag. As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

You can set this aside now, and check back for the next part of the dollmaking tutorial where we put it all together!

If your machine does not have either of those stitches, a zig zag, done in a very tight and short stitch will work too. Sew about 1/8th of an inch on the inside of your marked line. If you don’t have that stitch, the next best stitch is the stretch stitch that looks like a little lightning bolt.

Ballerina Doll Amigurumi Pattern

Ideally you will have a triple stretch stitch on your machine. Begin by sewing around the body (leaving the top and sides open as the pattern indicates). Begin tracing carefully around your pattern. Once you have printed your pattern, you will want to get your doll knit fabric ready and a good pair of scissors.

I am 70 this year and love sewing and making crafts. My eldest grandaughter is married and hopefully will be thinking about starting a family in the not too distant future, it will be lovely to make these.

I will be making lots of these this year and cannot wait for the comments from my daughter. She is a photographer, writer, crafter, wife and mother of two inspiring young children. If you would like to read an article on a specific topic, please let me know in the comments below. Beginning at the under part of one arm, secure the thread. This is drawing the arms inwards slightly.I really enjoyed spending this time with you!

You can add some lavender along with your wool if you would like a gentle scented doll. Be sure to go around at least twice so that the head won’t accidentally come off. Gently stuff it with bits of wool until it is as firm or as squishy as you would like. Pull the little cap over the head and using a ladder stitch, stitch it on making sure to go around the entire head at least twice. If you would rather not have a face, you will now add the hat.


Cloth Doll Making Doll'S Body Stuffing. Stuffing Tips And Tricks

Please watch my new video: This video tutorial is on how to stuff a cloth ...

Using a disappearing marker (or even a pencil), trace around the one side of the head. This will allow the stretch of the fabric to go across the face. If you don’t have this don’t worry, you can use tea to dye a white knit t-shirt and get pretty nice results!

Then, taking a little more wool in small strips, place pieces over the firm ball until the head is slightly smaller than the size of a ping pong ball, and fairly firm. Turn both pieces inside out using something that is not sharp, like a chopstick, to push out the arms gently. However if you chose a knit fabric you will want to use a stretch stitch. Using your sewing machine (or hand stitching), sew the body all the way around, leaving the neck open.

You will need two of the body pieces and one of the hat pieces.

I chose a quilters cotton which has no stretch.

You can use knits, but the shape of your doll will be less firm (since the fabric will stretch). This will make a triangle when you cut it out, but if you prefer a different style of hat you can draw anything!

I chose a simple rounded body and pointed arms, but you could really draw anything!

The larger piece will be used for the doll’s body and the smaller one will become the doll’s hat!They have no face, as it encourages open ended play and imagination, however you can add one if you wish!

You will want to fold it in half so that the doll pattern you will cut out is symmetrical. These little pocket dolls are sweet and simple.

You would only need to use scrap materials, and the smallest amount of wool, but create a perfect little baby doll for your children to tote along with them!

I always suggest that mamas start small to practice their technique. There is such magic in something made by a mama’s loving hands.

I loved making dolls, and loved sharing them with others!

I longed to be able to someday have the opportunity to teach others how to make these precious childhood friends for their own children.

I did, and loved to sit by my side hand sewing their own creations starting at the age of around 2. There is something so special about watching your children fall in love with something you made with your own two hands.

I was staring at her through the computer, and couldn’t believe that someone was able to create her using their hands alone. She had beautiful sunkissed skin, brown curly hair and dark eyes that stole my heart. Dolls made by online students from around the world!

Complete cloth animal and carrot pattern. All directions are on the pattern sheets. A sweet little ballerina who will steal your heart. Her body is only two pieces and you can make her in a jiffy!

This is a very simple doll and you will find all the directions you need on the pattern. Tie a bow into her "hair" and she is especially sweet. Molly loves him and they pose so sweetly together.

You can tie a lock of curly chenille hair to the top of her head; or a few strands of a soft fluffy yarn. Only wish it stated when and what row to attach the eyes. But this amigurumi is soooo cute and i wanted to make this piggy.

I will tell everyone that the pattern came from you.

I have a question: with which level (row), has one to fix small eyes (has to fix normally before stuffing and to close)?

My daughter saw it on pinterest and begged me to make her one. If you wish, you can make the cheeks rosie with some pink or red yarn. Sew tail to body with brown end connecting to lower portion of back. Make the eyes big, the nose small and cute, and the mouth like a cat's smile. Make sure you don't sew to ears shut like you did with the arms and feet. Row 4: 2 sc, change to yellow, ch 13, turn. Sew opening closed, and sew on bottom with front tips pointing at 5 and 7 o'clock. Sew opening closed, and sew on sides of body close to the head. Thread yarn needle with end and weave through remaining stitches; gather tightly and secure. It is a pikachu, which is the main pok'emon character.

emon pikachu doll crochet bodoll net 1