The price was almost twice that of what... I would definitely buy from this seller again!

Doll Baking Set
It arrived very quickly and was reasonably priced.

I will keep it as she asked for it and has her heart set on it - but it is grossly overpriced. All these fillings can be used as is, or you can add it to your icing, frosting or cream to create the most decadent and tasty cakes or cupcake icing. The kids love the pink and blue bubblegum flavouring.The pastes are much more concentrated than any normal flavouring and one uses far less than normal.

We also make special orders for special request colours and flavours and these orders need to be finalized at least 7 days in advance. Just take them out of the freezer and by the time your kettle cooked and your preparations are done, the macarons are ready to serve.

You should have these in your freezer for those days when you need to prepare something quick for those unexpected guests. The slices make the best custard slices ever (with our instant custard mix for the filling) and with the volauvents one can make a nice variety of sweet and savory snacks. These prints are printed on edible icing paper and the ink used is edible.

American Girl Doll Master Baker Playset Review

I am reviewing an American Girl Doll Master Baker Playset. This doll kitchen set is from Our Generation and you can buy it at ...

We supply it in pre-cut slices, 1kg rolls and ready to bake volauvents.

We can print any picture for decoration on your cake. This product is a high quality product and when using this product it is developed so that you do not need icing or corn starch on your working surface to prevent it from sticking on to your working surface. It works best melted in a glass bowl and in the microwave oven and gel colouring works the best to colour it.

You should try this also for a mouthwatering chocolate sause on ice cream – you will never use anything else again!

It can also be used whipped with cream, also as a topping or in between layers of a cake. It can also be used as a topping for cakes, cupcakes ect.

You can use it into some cheescake mixes to add a bid of chocolate flavour and a different texture. This product is very well tested and makes very fine, thin and delicate sugar lace. Just keep in mind when working with this product on a humid day it takes much longer to set and dry, rather leave it overnight to set. For the chocolate flavour, just add two to three desert spoons full of cocao to the icing before mixing with the cream beat as normal and pipe. This makes the most beautiful, soft, tasty “frosting type” decoration for cupcakes or cakes. Beat on high speed until the mixture is fluffy and creamy. Use 1kg of icing sugar and 750ml of either the yellow or red box of these cream products. This product cannot be overbeaten and you can add any colourants, flavourants and cheesecake fruit toppings, chocolate fillings and caramel products to make it the most wonderful cake decorator or to use between layers. This product beats up 3 times its volume and can be kept in the freezer until you find it necessary to use it again. Just let it stand to be room temperature, cut open the bag and fill cups half way to bake up to the top edge of the cupcake. This mix is stable, will not melt easy and will not run of your cake if not kept in the fridge for a wile.

You can use this product to make any cake so special. This product is 100% edible and packed in glass bottles so that it does not lose it’s shine.

You just add eggs water and some oil and the result is just an exclusively, soft and lovely dark double chocolate cake. This mix is also of the highest quality just as all our other premixes. This cake is just like an old fashioned dark soft chocolate cake.

You can use it on your edible print cakes, tested and works perfect.

Once frozen for even more than a month, it need to rest a while till room temperature, role it out cut your shapes and bake it or if frozen in a roll you can cut wheels from frozen and bake as normal. These mixes were well tested for freezing. Just add a nice soft butter-icing or custard filling and they are so tasty and decadent.

We also have the most delicious old-fashioned custard biscuit mix. The ginger biscuit is what everybody was waiting for, excellent flavour and crispy. It bakes perfect biscuits, it stays in shape and tastes fantastic. Just add butter or margarine and eggs, roll out and cut out any shape you wish. Alternatively, you can use this mix to fill your mini tartlets (doppies). Use our fantastic puff pastry slices to bake the lovely crusts, layer your slices and custard, drizzle a bid of glazed icing sugar over and enjoy!

If you ever wanted to make the best custard slices in town, here is you chance.

You just add cold milk, beat it for 5 min and there you go.

Doll Baking Set

This skilled pizza chef has been learning the ways of her craft ever since she was a young girl. But what happens when you want to enjoy a fresh donut and the local bakery is closed?

If you have the proper bowl, you can make a trifle out of just about anything. You're expected at her house in just over an hour, but you still don't have a present for her. Every year, you and your mother spend quality time together by preparing mom's favorite chocolates. She already bought all the ingredients, but needs your help to create the delicious apple pie. This cake can be also made at weddings and you can decorate how you like it. It???s a dessert that looks great and taste very good.

Play Free Baking Games

Can you be there as a doctor for her and make sure she gets well again and cook delicious food?

The girl has already informed you that you will have a meeting as soon as the mass gets over. Move quickly to earn more money and buy new stock!

It's been a couple of years since you've been to the beach, so you can wait to swim in the ocean, work on your tan, and fly kites. Pick your ingredients, mix them well and prepare the sandwich. Mix all the ingredients, make sure not to drop anything!

They shuffle the chef hat to make the task difficult for everyone except the one with good observation skills. She has given many tasty food recipes but she wants to prove her health conscious. Mango-flavored panna cotta is light to digest and simple to make at home.

I love them specialy when they are with differents colors. Express your artistic talent through this decoration game!Pick the right ingredients and mix them well!

She loves decorating the tree and making the most delicious sweets treats, such as gingerbread. Cook and decorate your own ice cream cake!

Let us help her to make some really tasty pancakes!

The recipe is not that complicated but requires a bit of technique. It may be prepared in just a few minutes using some simple ingredients and without having great cooking skills.

Diy American Girl Doll Baking Playset

Make your own American Girl Doll Baking Playset. This Doll Baking set includes a rolling pin, cookie cutter and pastry dough.

In this great game you can make some really delicious strawberry shaped pops. Help them in making the best pancakes ever!

The most hated dessert in all of the civilized world!

Chop the fruit and mix in with the pancake batter, then fry the pancake mix gently. Decorate the pancakes and make yummy delicious pancakes for the whole family!

All the true detectives love a nice burger so get right to it. It makes the whole house smell great and makes your mouth water with anticipation. Yes, how about tasting some delicious pancakes made by you?

Choose colors and shapes then hand it out to your friends. Our first lesson is about a delicious sweet treat!

So she decides to try her hands in cooking her favorite snacks. Make the batter, cook the pancakes, and decorate them with fruit and cream for final presentation. As a token of love she wants to make a cake for her.Ratatouille got this recipe from his great grandfather when he was just a toddler. Take a sip and test what kind of coffee suits your personality best. If not, it?s time to make coffee and breakfast. They all just get in the way and take up time that would be better spent decorating and devouring a colorful and cute sugar frosting covered cake!

So, it really is something to impress your guests with!

Can you help her in preparing this yummy cake?

So, she planned to make the peach pound cake. Not only vegetarians and vegans will love this dish!

You don't have to just decorate jack-o-lanterns this year. He is going to make a fruit shake for her. Join your favorite hero and help her out with the cake recipe. Help her decorate the wedding cakes and complete her delivery. Help her prepare the donuts and decorate them with candy, toping and fruit.

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