Different faces, different hair, entirely different clothes.

I think not using one is part of the green effort.

Our daughter is very much enjoying the imaginative play.

We purchased this along with dollhouse and furniture for our 3 yr. Plant bases dyes, rubberwood that is no longer producing rubber, much thought about minimum packaging, etc.

We use them with our dollhouse anyway and my son really doesn't seem to care that they're a bit big.They are sturdy enough that my 2 year old son can make them stand. Seriously - they all just had dinner with us at the table tonight. Completely adorable - our daughter has loved them from the day she got them at 16 months (she is now 2). But even when it was just the doll set by themselves she loved it.

We added then nursery set next which comes with a cute little baby!

I acquired a beautiful handmade doll house, but it did not have any furniture.

I was thrilled to find this brand made to play with!

We even made a little wooden baby to add to the happy little family. Their arms and legs bend so they can sit and stand. We've played with them for a year now and my daughter loves them. Clothes are much simpler and not as cute as the ones pictured. They remind me of the way toys were made way back when. Includes: father, mother and two children. It is a perfect toy to create hours of imagination play time.

You can change the position of the dolls' arms or legs just you want. A voir et à revoir, ces deux hommes sont beaux à voir ensemble et on aimerait voir plus de films comme celui ci!!

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