Clothes, on the other hand, are only in some cases interchangeable. Accessories are almost guaranteed to be interchangeable.

The upper limbs are also a little thicker and the heads much bigger and full, but the lower limbs, hands, and feet are identical. The legs are longer, but the torso shorter. Because of this, they are treated as one line each and collected on one page each for ease of organization, but named so as to make it clear they collectively don't have a context. If there is no name present, the assortment numbers are the deciding factor.Everything that does not explicitly share the name is excluded. This means that all items sold under the same name, and if applicable the same subname, share a page, even if they have different assortment numbers and context. There's also the aspect of estimating what the franchise's future will bring; what works now might not work in another year and assortment definitions are also made with a website's setup in another year in mind. To top it off, names and assortment numbers don't always align. This does not make either party correct or wrong, especially since in most cases the choices made will be tied to what website setup works best given the available resources. This is the main problem with using assortment names to define assortments: not all assortments have names.

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A handful of other lines, however, are thoroughly nameless. Expensive and elaborate lines have a name that is trademarked , whereas the bulk of other lines have an unprotected name. The third method of defining an assortment is through the name printed on the box. Since this number is different from the one attached to diverse cases it can be taken to mean these items are not part of the assortment those other cases represent, but this often makes no sense contextually. If there's only one number, it means that the item is shipped only in cases consisting only of that item, which is often true for playsets and store-exclusive dolls and always true for multipacks. The second way an assortment can be defined is by contextual relevance, which is necessary when there's only one number on the back of the box. In case of only one number, it alone is both. All items that have the same assortment number are part of the same assortment. An assortment can be defined in three ways. Later fashion packs lacked doll logs altogether. Equally so, over the course of 2012 came a decrease in doll logs. Male dolls continue to be more likely to be shortpacked, only available as part of a multipack, and/or exclusive to a store or convention. The result of their poor sales was that, while male doll releases in absolute terms never dropped below three per year, they were excluded from the growth the rest of the lineup underwent. Originally, store-exclusive multipacks principally were filled with dolls released previously as singlepacks and one doll that could only be obtained by buying the multipack. Multipacks even are what started the store-exclusive doll system. As well, 2012 saw the start of store-exclusive alternative versions of playsets that include a doll or an extra doll , depending on if the regularly available playset contains one doll already. Compared to fashion packs, playsets have fared better, doubling in numbers for two years to settle on a rhythm of around ten releases each year. Since 2012, character debut dolls have remained between ten and fifteen per year. Mattel began to make a more conscious effort to expand the cast and profit from the extra enthusiasm garnered for new characters. Though introduced slowly, nowadays half of the cast has no pet. Pet figurines are a kind of doll accessory with a particular history. A variety of other types of doll logs is included with the remaining doll lines. Some dolls are only sold in multipacks or with a playset. Female dolls generally feature eleven articulation points, lacking articulated ankles.

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The hair is made of saran or kanekalon fibers, sometimes with tinsel mixed in, but most of the male dolls have molded plastic hair. Playsets are generally excluded from counting as a wave on their own, but they don't have to, and it depends on the nature of a multipack if it is considered a separate wave or not. These steps are called waves, which is only a loosely defined term. These versions are called variants and the one initially produced tends to be the rarer one. People who buy toys for themselves aren't likely to be tricked because they know what they are looking for, but there is a good chance someone who only buys toys as gifts is. It is a form of theft with the potential to cause further harm, because the returned toy is put back on the shelves. Dolls that are barely in a case compared to the other dolls are shortpacked, although the term is often reserved for dolls that never get a compensating proper amount in another case either. New cases are only ordered when enough dolls of a previously ordered case have been sold, regardless of which dolls of it remain on the shelves. Not only do scalpers profit from the shortage they help create, their actions also get in the way of those who enjoy the 'hunt' for new toys. Low price points correspond to "budget" toys and high price points to "deluxe" toys, but are more specific as to how budget or deluxe a certain toy is. Since one mold represents multiple casts, the term is also used to talk about a cast or even a full set of casts in general.

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The mold is subsequently removed and the cast taken out, after which the mold can be reused for the next cast. That is, a mold is filled up with liquid material that is made to solidify inside, causing the material to take on a form opposite to the one of the mold. The mold is subsequently removed and the cast taken out to be worked into a doll with other, complementary casts. That is, a liquid material is forced into a mold and made to solidify, causing the material to take on a form opposite to the one of the mold. Cases can be changed in as little as three months time and once's a case has been changed, the old one no longer can be ordered. This isn't to say all dolls are promoted and available equally, or since 2011 that all fictional fashion is eventually produced as a doll, but in the bigger picture it's the dolls that lead the franchise. Christmas ornaments & tree, luggage, plus much more. Capresso coffee maker, pressure cooker, etc., misc.

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Rubbermaid waterers, tank heater, plus much more. Sentry combination safe, handyman jack, misc. Fox #44 sharpening stone w/wooden box & other sharpening stones, sev. Panetta), duck calls, wood & metal pulleys, lg. This information is believed to be accurate.

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We are the best in the area when it comes to ikea furniture assembly. Her shoes are crystalized like her glasses and have molded fur in the top. In the end of each arch a there is a molded snowflake. Abbey's glasses are a glossy purple and they are crystalized, with various smooth surfaces like ice. The dress is seamed in pink in the neck and in black in the sleeves and bottom. She also has light pink lipstick, as well as blue and purple eyeshadow. The shoe is open-toe and it has a starp made of dripping skulettes. The shoes are mismatching, in the right one the icecream heel is icy blue and the strap is pink and in the left one it the heel is pink and the strap is icy blue. The heel is an upside down icecream, where the cone is black, and the plataform is also an iceream ball. She is wearing white fishnet socks, that bear resemblance to icecream cones, and plataform shoes. The icecream is pink, with painted on cream and a pink cherry on top. She also comes equiped with a bag that is a icecream cup, in translucent pink and with molded dripping. From the belt falls a plastic apron-like accesory, which looks like a dripping ice blue waffle.She is wearing a belt made of drippy dark chocolate with molded melting skulettes, in pink, blue and dark blue. She has two arm bracelets, one in each arm, one looks like the patter in her top and the other one features a swirl of pink drippage around the arm. She wears dark blue opera gloves textured like waffle cones. They are different colours, the one in the right ear is pink and the one in the left ear is blue. It is in icy greenish blue and it also features 3 melting skulettes in the right end. Her earrings are upside down icecream cones dripping icecream. Over the dress she is wearing a short pink faux fur jacket, around her arms. The cones of the icecream are black and the icecream itself is pink. The lines that make up the waffle cone are dripping, as if melted icecream. The bottom of her dress is puffy and purple/pink, featuring melting sugar sprinkles of various colours: dark blue, purple, icy blue and white. She has a short dress, where the top is made of white pleather with a waffle cone pattern in icy blue. Her hair is long and has short side bangs. She also has a drip of purple liquid flowing from her right eye. She has a little line of purple eyeshadow in her lid and icy blue in her crease. Her eyelashes also present a little swirl and her eyebrows have a purple colour, fading to brown. Her eyes are printed larger than usual, and the iris is stylized, it is icy blue with purple dripping from the pupil. In her hand she holds a black cup of a cold iced frappé. The heels are pointed wedges reflecting the rough texture of ice, and each boot has four straps going across at the top and bottom. Her hair is white with soft streaks of blue.

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Her lipstick is a gentle pink, while her eye shadow is dramatic and silver. On the bottom it has a soft icy blue rib trim. She wears translucent purple ice boots with a thick icy trim at the top. On her head she wears translucent hot pink safety goggles. In her right hand she holds a small blue chainsaw in the shape of jagged ice with molded snowflakes on it. The trims of the boots are white spiky ice. It has short sleeves and blue faux fur trims at the neckline and at the bottom hem. The soles of the boots is the same blue as the rest and molded into frozen ice. The boots have many zigzagging straps running across and tied at the tops into bows. Her dress is tight in fitting, and it is black with light blue and pink icicle print. Her lipstick is strawberry pink, while her eye shadow consists of different shades of blue. It is white with soft touches of blue and purple, it also has some tinsel running through it. She has baby pink lipstick, gold and lilac eyeshadow, and her hair is in severe curls with a blue and pink braid across the front of her bangs. Her shoes are gold wedges with white translucent jelly straps, created to look like ice shards. Abbey has two overskirts, a white glimmery skirt with snowflakes and cracked ice and a black mesh skirt under the white one. Her lipstick is light pink and her eyeshadow is pink with blue eyeliner. Her hair is especially long, with bright pink bangs. She also has a black hairband wrapped around her head, which covered in pink and blue stars and auroras. She has a skirt in purple splattered with bright blue. Her hair is up in a high pony tail, predominantly pink streaked with her bangs sharply to the right side with purple streaks. She accessorises with a pink spoon and blue spatula ice earrings and a pink ice bead bracelet. Her shoes are semi opaque purple heels, covered in holes, just like melting ice. The body of the dress is blue with various ice crystals jutting inwards from the sides. She comes with a baby blue binder with a cracked ice pattern, a life-sized fearbook, a black brush and stand. She has blue and pink eyeshadow with mauve lipstick, and her hair is cut into bangs. She accessorises with a single pink ice crystal cuff earring, a pink crystal knuckle ring which holds three of her fingers, a black ice crystal belt, and a translucent pink back pack with opaque straps and dangling black skullette keys.Her boots are translucent grey with thin ice crystals as "fur" trimming, with two skullette buckles and straps on the outer side of each boot. She is wearing a black fur and tinsel shrug and white leggings with black, pink, purple, and blue geometric shapes in various sizes. Her eye shadow is mauve, her lipstick is bubblegum pink, and her hair is styled in a side ponytail. She has a translucent blue ice brick-patterned handbag with black ice crystal straps, three snowflake buckles on each side, and her skullette adorns the front. Her shoes are pearl white wedge heels with clustered ice crystals at the front and stacked glaciers for heels. Her hair is tied and knotted around the bangs and pulled to the side, and she wears a furry hat to the side of her head. Her shoes are white wedge heels with blue fur around the ankles. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail and she wears heavy purple eyeshadow as well as bright pink lipstick. She has a furry bracelet, matching snowflake earrings, a translucent blue necklace (most likely her ice crystal), and a translucent blue belt that rests just above the waist. This doll was released again in a single-pack, but with transparent pink knee pads and without the tinsel in her hair. Her hair is cut short with green streaks and a pink, purple, and blue underlayer. She accessorizes with a translucent blue igloo-like helmet, bubblegum pink ice necklace, pink knee pads, and fur-lined translucent pink roller skates with green and black wheels. Her second dress is a sleeveless blue dress with a large white fur belt around the midsection and a second, black translucent mesh layer around the skirt section. Her first dress is a bright pink turtleneck jumper with visible black stitching down the front. This doll does not include a brush or stand. She also comes with a black fluffy vest, purple ice skates with a blue heel and black laces and a black belt with ice diamonds attached. Her hair is straight and put into a tight ponytail. Her accessories comprise a transparent purple sunhat, a blue ice crystal in the form of a droplet, icicle earrings with blue beads in an ice-cube shape on the end, and a magenta bracelet with a skullette key charm. Her shoes are purple sandals with icicles for heels. Around her waist rests a blue, snowflake-patterned transparent wrap with a built-in fur belt. The outfit comes with a pink, purple and blue snowboard and a club description. Her shoes are blue and purple hiking boots with black soles. Current shipments of the doll come with legwarmers that are too tight to fit over most of the shoes. As a main character, there is a decent variety of other merchandise of her available. Stay in touch for exclusive deals and giveaways!

Black race population percentage above state average. Foreign-born population percentage above state average. There are 2726 pilots and 1775 other airmen in this city. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. It adjusts for the number of visitors and daily workers commuting into cities.

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