It’s such a perfect handmade gift idea for little girls, right?

To make a felt paper doll, you will need: (aff.

Doll Felt Pattern
Add eyes with a permanent marker or stitch them on with dark thread. Sew the body onto a large uncut piece of felt. It makes sewing around the little details so much easier. This helps you make tight turns and adjust your sewing lines around weird shapes.Make sure to leave one small hole for stuffing. Sew the hole closed, then trim around the edges and your doll is done!

Trace the dress pattern onto the paper backing and cut it out. Then peel back the paper and iron the dress to a piece of felt. It’s not necessary, but it sure makes the clothes cuter. Once all of the sewing is done, trim off the excess felt around the edges.

Diy Posable Felt Doll [Timelapse]

In this video, watch me modify a felt doll pattern to make a posable finished doll.

You can use any felt doll pattern you like. For this ...

Velcro is also optional, but it does help the clothes stick to the doll better. Now you know exactly how to make a cute little felt doll. There’s so much room for creative expression.

I loved digging through my notions to find cute little doodads to use.

I think you’re going to love this project!

And don’t you think your new little doll needs a home?

Try making a little dollhouse inside a suitcase!

I can't wait to begin to make 1 or 2…?

thank you so much for the free pattern. It sounds like she's pretty lucky to have you as a grandma. Just have to figure out how to include a closet to store the clothes in. Such a great idea and so glad you like the pattern. There will be so many happy little ones because of these dolls and their wardrobes. Looking for a quick and easy project to sew?

Valentine’s gift filled with endearing messages and sweet treats. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about felt doll pattern?

The most common felt doll pattern material is felt. She has hinged joints as well as a delicate face, long blonde tresses, blue eyes, an embellished dress and blue slippers. She looks lovely standing, but can also sit gracefully. And you can purchased both patterns as a set for a discounted price in my store. To make my dolls you only need a basic understanding of hand sewing. Wool felt is very forgiving and needs no seam allowance, making for a perfect match in easy to make doll patterns. My absolute favorite of materials to use in doll and toy making is felt. Mermaid dolls, or make bonnets and bags for your sweet felt dolls. Sew your own dollies as unique children’s toys , art dolls , or for your very own imaginary friends.

Free Felt Sewing Patterns!

Create and Sew Felt Toys and Gifts

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She is easy to make in felt or fleece and includes the pattern for her cute collared dress. Doll making is one of my favorite all time hobbies!

I can spend some time relaxing all while creating this wonderful little toy to hand over to my children. All of these patterns include instructions for sewing wire into your dollies to create a pose-able little doll!

Most of my miniature dolls finish at a mere 4 inches tall. Which means you can save the file to your computer and make as many dolls as you wish!

I do hope you enjoy my creations, handmade offerings, and toy sewing patterns.

My Felt Doll Sneak Peek

Sewing soft dolls has never been easier with these adorable patterns from Gingermelon designer Shelly Down!

The eagerly ...

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