Jewellery needs good storage and practical ways of taking it with you when you’re packing for holidays. They’re perfect for throwing in your suitcase, now that we’re all starting to plan for summer holidays.

Doll Accessories Tutorial
Right sides together, pin the 2 large circles together, and stitch round the outer edge, leaving a gap for turning right way out. Clip notches out of the seam allowance to remove some of the bulk, do not snip through the stitches. Take one of the small fabric circles and find the centre point of the wrong side. Attach the circle of batting/foam/interfacing to the centre of the small circle on the wrong side.Join the the 2 small circles in exactly the same way you did before, right sides together, stitch and trim, leaving an opening for turning. Turn both circles right sides out, press (be careful not to press over the foam circle area if you used foam), and slipstitch or topstitch the openings closed. Now to attach the two circles together, place the small circle onto the lining of the large circle, matching the centre points. Using a ruler mark 8 equal lines on the inner circle as shown above, making from outer edge of the inner circle to the foam circle stitching line. Sew over the foam circle stitching line to form the bottom of the pockets, otherwise small items can slip through. Stitch the marked wedge lines, from outer edge of the small circle, stopping at the stitch line of the foam circle.
3 Amazing DIY Ideas For Barbie Doll Barbie Tutorial Dollhouse Miniature &sofa &Bedroom credit:: Ch&D DIY Crafts …

Stitch a parallel circle approx 2cm away, if your measurements were on target the button hole should lie within the 2 lines of stitching, adjust your stitch lines if necessary. On this picture you can see the two lines of stitching which make up the drawcord channel, and the buttonhole lies between. Pull up the cord to close the pouch and tie. Another job to add to the list of to do’s!

What a great gift these would make for my girls.

I also loved the posh umbrella instructions.

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Today, I’m making DIY mini bathroom accessories including toothpaste that works, a toothbrush, and a super easy …

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