Make any little girl happy by buying them this most amazing, adorable 3 in 1 set!

All 3 of these items are completely separate and are not interchangeable!

I would have to drill a new hole in the bar in order to switch one screw to the opposite side. Had had a little struggle putting the high chair together but we got it. Dont see a option for me to send just the bed back for an exchange. Its great watching them be " mommy" and go back and forth with the girls and the babies.They love being mommy to baby while they get fed. They put baby to bed and this is a fantastic way to teach them to care for each other.

You have to twist the clips to get them to lock in place. Although the pattern is not exactly the... Although the pattern is not exactly the same it matches an existing three wheel stroller previous purchased. My daughter will like the ease of fold and store as it able to be put away if needed not taking up so much permanent space.

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