This version has all the colors that naturally occur in cats and also fantasy ones. And, just like in nature, there are many coat variations so you can create tortoiseshell and calico cats!

Doll Divine Dog Maker
Various colors of collars, maybe bracelets. Scandinavia so we're all ash-blonde and snow-white.

I made my friend's dog (cause i don't have a dog:( ) but its still very cute. This is really random, and i might be missing something really obvious, but how do you make just the doll your desktop picture?I wasn't very interested in it before but everyone made it sound so interesting!

Paste this into a new paint and then save. Close the program and then open the folder you saved your doll into. By the way i cant wait for the elf or dragon makers.

I think even the dragon one will be cool too. No matter what it is i have to playit!!!!

Lps Popular Characters Doll Divine Dog And Cat Maker

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I would love to see a dog headband or maybe a dog head dress.

puppy maker adoptable  open  by alinakitti image

Puppy Maker Doll Divine

Can we get to 3 likes???

eren jaeger   kitten maker by naruto kunnda image