Pull back to return her to an upright position, then applaud an amazing performance. A removable blue skirt and sparkling sheer cape add to the storytelling fun.

Doll Frozen Elsa
And of course, she tops the look with a pretty blue princess tiara. Elsa doll wearing fashions and accessories, optional snowflake-shaped base.

I think my daughters made them skate a few times when they were new, but mainly just use them as plain old dolls. It doesn't really bend any other way which really limits the usefulness of play.Barbie doll (dressing it up, posing it in certain positions like sitting. The wheels on the skate don't roll smoothly so she doesn't look like she's skating at all- just being pushed. The crown also became detached and was hard to put back on. Elsa is very sturdy and 6 months later is still skating along happily with a 7 year old.
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