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Also, there is no way to seal the hole in the back of the neck, that is used for inflation. Nice, but a bit lacking compared to the real game… ah well. Mariska sure doesn’t look like a cheap doll (especially with a bit of lingerie). Most guys like latex dolls better than ordinary plastic dolls, but some guys don’t like them at all.Latex dolls are somewhat balloon like, with more realistic shape and no seams. Latex dolls are much more durable and long lasting than regular plastic dolls. Let’s replace advertising hype with solid information derived from actual experience. Give real user feedback on which dolls are good, which dolls are bad, and why. Information is never sold to outside mailing lists or any other purposes. Prices and availability of specific items subject to change (if you notice that a price has changed or an item is no longer available from a listed source, please e-mail us).

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We are an independent consumer review site. Her big breasts and erect nipples beg to be fondled as you slip between her fleshy labes or tight anus and let the tickles and multi-speed vibrations stimulate you beyond belief!

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How To Reroot Dolls

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Since I got a lot of questions on how I'm rerooting, I thought why not.