You child will love it, it rolls so easily. Therefore, it folds very easily on its own when my 2 y/o is pushing it too hard or fast.

Doll Pram
They sent me another one and this one was easy to put together, and doesn't slip like some people said, it latches really tight to the stroller.

We tried to put it in but the bar is crooked and leans to the left the cardboard bottom of the basket tears when you try to fit the bars in the clips. They sent a second basket, this onethe material had no play in it, so the white bars to make the basket rigid wouldn't go in the metal clips. Lucky for us we were able to bend everything back into the correct place and all is well.My daughter will load all of her dolls into the basket and take them all over the house.

I definitely think we got our money worth on this item and would recommend to anyone looking for that real looking classic style. She used to have a plastic stroller that costed twice as much and was garbage. But the "driver's side" rear wheel will not stay on. As he was taking it from our room to the living room, the wheel fell off.

I can't count the times we've put that damn wheel back on.

So, even though cute it is broken/doesn't work so my money was wasted. She loves it and will be able to use it for years!

We had another child who choose to sit in the baby seat and did slightly bend the frame. My daughter likes to put it about half way down. But, even without the caps there is a small metal clip that you push to get the wheels locked in place.

I dont know if this is a new feature, but it seems to alleviate some of the reviews that say the wheels wouldn't stay on. My girls, 8 and 3 years old, both adore it. My 8 yo may end up wanting one for her birthday. She keeps trying to take this one to play with it. He pushes it around like he's driving a race car. The manufacturer included a bar lever that prevents the frame from completely colapsing when it is angled toward the ground. It's a smart feature to prevent pinched fingers. If you dont do that, there is no way the basket will stay on the frame. But, only if you push the pink clips over the metal bars that are attached to the underside of the basket.

I read the reviews on this pram carefully before deciding on it.

I discounted this pram because of those negative reviews. This item is a toy for use with dolls only. Small parts - not for children under three. Item ships in its original carton which may include a product photo. Trendy fabrics complete the fashionable look. Smart-looking navy is accented with white. Lift the carrier off the pram to reveal a reclining stroller. Carrier also includes a fabric boot/cover, a fabric-covered-foam pad, and carrying handles. Silver colored stroller/pram frame is easy-to-fold and is made of powder coated steel.

Fabric parts are poly/cotton and can be spot cleaned. Also includes a rubber grip on the stroller/pram handle. Adjustable stroller seat with three-point harness. Props shown are for illustration only and are not included. Carrier also includes a fabric cover, interior padding, and adjustable canopy. Suspension with fixed wheels rolls smoothly and can handle uneven floors. When it’s time to hit the road, the stroller frame easily folds down by releasing the active and passive safety locks. Use the carrier and stroller separately for different baby dolls. Carrier can be attached to the frame so that the pram faces forward or back. Comfortable to push thanks to the rubber grip on the stroller/pram handle. Have twins or a friend and her doll coming over?

Doll Pram

Soft-sided carrier can be attached to the frame so that the pram faces forward or faces your child as she pushes the carriage. The three, fun configurations, and additional realistic features, offer extra play value and numerous opportunities for your child to make thoughtful baby care decisions during play. Change the look on the fly – no tools needed to convert from one style to another. See and discover other items: reborn baby dolls under 100 dollars , all. Would definitely recommend seller and stroller!

It is well made and sooo realistic looking. It is perfect size for my two year old with plenty of room to grow!

My daughter (who is two), loves having the option of facing her dolls and seeing them both at the same time.

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I would say it is sturdy enough to put two infants in it. My daughter loves her baby dolls and has been using a single stroller and trying to carry her other dolls. The seat flips around just like the real thing and the handle adjusts up or down as well. It is really hard to find good quality strollers that are made for older/taller kids. My daughter just turned 6 and it is perfect for her, maybe even a little big.

We thought they would grow out of it, but now the dog has secured a spot in between two smaller dolls "du jour". The basket area in the bottle has ample space for just about everything that we haul out for their dolls and themselves for a walk to the store or the park. It is also very easy, even for them, to fold up and put away in the closet when we can pry them away from it. It is so easy for my daughter to use and the adjustable handlebar is perfect for her. We've gotten a few strollers and this is by far the best. This was a complete surprise and my daughter is going to be so excited when she gets home.The covering was sent to me without me even requesting it!

The straps do come out of the clips for the seat easily but we fixed that by tying a small knot in the strap. It has survived two year old steering and doesn't mark the walls or furniture when she has a little crash. The handle tilts, so she is able to comfortably push the stroller and it will adjust to meet her as she grows.

I got it for my three year old and she loves it. Its sturdy and the features of the stroller are pretty nice too.

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The handle can be rotated to either position the baby dolls facing the child or away from the child. The only reason for giving this stroller a 4 out of 5 starts is due to even thought the packaging for this shipment was very nicely done, the one side of the stroller was scrapped up a good amount. It also is quiet which is important in our house (the old stroller was very rattley). It's pretty sturdy but light (which is good if you end up carrying it).

I will tell you that it will push easiest if the handle is near the larger wheels. Edgar built an elaborate dollhouse for his granddaughter. My sister made me a rag doll out of scraps cloth and yarn. Unidad léxica estable formada de dos o más palabras que funciona como sustantivo femenino ("casa de citas", "zona cero", "arma secreta"). Verbo que requiere de un objeto directo ("di la verdad", "encontré una moneda"). No está bien producir a los niños para los concursos de belleza. Be a doll and give me a hand with the dishes, will you?

Sustantivo de género exclusivamente femenino ("mesa", "tabla"). It's not right to doll children up for beauty pageants.No está bien emperifollar a los niños para los concursos de belleza. That’s why we offer comprehensive information on a huge range of high-quality prams, buggies and strollers from a variety of reputable brands.