She was wearing her glasses, and if you look closely at the picture, you can see that her glasses were just like mine. After all of that walking and meeting new friends, she must have been exhausted because she insisted on trying out this bed.

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This sweet princess bed was totally precious!

I attempted to make a box opening video, but unfortunately that didn't work out, so here are some pictures from her box opening. This is the brown shipper carton that her box came in. Inside the shipper is a pretty pink box covered in flowers.Here's a closeup of her through the window. Her other stock accessories include a flower crown, white stockings, blue high heel strappy shoes, and her doll stand. Here she is out of her box and dressed in her full stock. Her dress is light blue chiffon with layers of ruffles. Her wings attach to the back of her dress with a tiny velcro. Her shoes are a soft rubbery vinyl and slip right on to her feet easily.

The four straps do not actually unbuckle. Her hair, which is long with bangs and soft curls, is a very light pink with yellow blonde underneath. Her flower crown is made of pink, lavender and white flowers with tiny sparkly beads in between. Inside their head is an eye mechanism with four different eye chips. Her sleepy eyelids came painted a soft lavender color and her eyelashes are pink to match her hair. With their heads side by side, you can see the differences in their faces. Pullip eyes can only move from side to side and close with a button on the back of the head, but cannot change colors. Here is a group shot of everyone together for size comparison.

I made her very own forest friend, a little deer, who she takes along on all of her adventures.

I have also sewed dresses, socks, and even made some boots. They are in the order that others have voted for them, so vote for your favorites and add established others you think are great too - additions are moderated, active blogs only. Inactive blogs will be edited to keep the list fresh. Keeping up to date with new releases, it includes fashion doll reviews, photo shoots of the dolls from my personal collection and from other doll collectors as well.

I had no idea dolls could look so beautiful!

Fashion, art, décor and gastronomy, it's all here for you and your friends.

I customize 1:6 scale dolls, and clothes.

I also enjoy featuring the creative work of other doll artists/enthusiasts. Thank you for joining us in our wanderings. It is a definitive source of collector’s information and an imaginative celebration of all aspects of play – clothing, props, “modding”, friends and relations!!

I prepare dioramas and videos that feature my doll families. There are single dolls and dolls with motorised accessories, a horse, a car and a scooter. Of course, our local customs had to put their own (higher) value and ignore the invoice that was included in the box.

I like that their clothes are not molded on and some of their accessories look really cool. The colour difference between her head and her body is noticeable in this photo.

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I wouldn't have thought that the same body would look so good with different heads.

I wish more articulated bodies were available in other skin tones.

I became even more distressed after noticing that the left foot was missing.

I scanned the plastic bag and was happy to see it wedged between the figure's right hand and thigh. After inspection, w hy didn't they just tape the bag closed?

Malik's electronic accessories and sunglasses are shown in this close-up photo. Again, please do not use images or text without the express permission of the author.

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