We build the largest coops available in this area. Our coops are built tough an need to be hauled on a tandom trailer, because they have double bottom plates an not just a few studs in the walls, they are heavy an built right.

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Foot wide coop with option will give you 8 nesting box's.

We have built an delivered so many coops an alot to repeat customers we have coops in your area no doubt. See why our coops last over 15 years when others fail in a few years. And you can go inside of our coops an stand up.Heavy duty 1/2" hardware cloth to keep all the predators out even snakes. He told us after looking around whats out there we simply build a way better built coop. My passion for raising chickens and building quality chicken coops is second to none.

I have been building coops for over 7 years and currently have over 670 in service. You'll never feel like you have to "hide" your coop. Call to learn about your opportunities to get involved.

American Girl Store!

(Charlotte, Nc)

Hope you guys enjoy the tour!

Free and paid seminars over the two days.

We promote education and awareness of holistic and alternative health modalities and spiritual consciousness. This system of human energy management is not an entry level class to metaphysics!

Many, including experienced healers / light workers, etc. Hike the surrounding trails leading to special places for prayer and meditation. Visit our bookstore, gust house and lodge. The energy and programs support spiritual growth. Our shamanic apprenticeship inspires your spirit by embracing a sacred lifestyle and reconnecting with nature.

I am a celebrity psychic, intuitive tarot reader, intercessor and teacher.

I also teach astrology, candle magic and ancestor veneration courses online for those who want to grow spiritually.

I perform house cleansings, blessings and pray for those in need.

I help young women & moms overcome their anxiety and release control in their lives.

I have been using my gifts to gently guide others for more than 25 years. Get your online coupon or call for booth information and to lecture. Transform your life by clearing the origins of unwanted patterns. Called the "astrologer's astrologer as he reads for many other astrologers. To beat those winter blues, indoor reigns supreme!

A great family day out for all ages in the wonder of nature!

Don't let the kids make you feel like you are climbing the walls,..... Then, you feel a firm tug on your fishing line. Programmes, classes and events weekly throughout the year watching out for. Quality maple hardwood skate surface and the best sound and light show around. This 50, 000 acre, man-made lake is a haven for water sports enthusiasts and landlubbers alike. One of the many fun family places to visit if you're....

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Comb the beach for sea stars, keyhole urchins and whelk shells. Or, simply lie back on the sand and enjoy the aerial acrobatics of seagulls, terns and brown pelicans as they soar above the waves.

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6 6 2015 RYEBREADS: Great Family Fun from Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks For Checking out our family vlog. If you like this ...