Usually, these lil dolls dont look a thing like the picture advertisement (which is usually much cuter).

I would still like the company to make things right by sending the " pascal" attachment that was advertised on my receipt.

Doll Collection Display
Rapunzel's hair before bed, she was excited!

The expression on the doll is beautiful and the big green eyes are amazing. My daughter plays with her all the time and it is one of her favorite dolls. My daughter will play "tea party" with lots of her dolls, but she doesn't really play with her dolls from the animators' collection.They look nice on display in her room with other dolls from the animators' collection. It's not just that it tangles because you will have that with just about any doll with hair, the hair is stiff in places. It feels almost like it has hairspray in it. The second edition was delivered instead.

Doll Room Update A Tour Of Our Current Doll Collection

Here's a look at our doll room.

We made some changes since the last doll room video. Our best storage solution is the American ...