Among collectors, there was a slight change in attitude, perhaps more noticable this year than before. It caused some tension among collectors, because they didn't know how many more years we could hope for this line to last, since it had already outlasted the 80's line in most senses.

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Many collectors saw any release as a either a perfect option for themselves, or a letdown because it meant it stole one of the spots from another wish they had, and some completists were annoyed because they felt they had to buy characters/looks they didn't prefer. This is probably one of the most 80's looking dolls of the line. Bracelets: 2 thin bracelets, orange, in metal. Stickers came on a sheet to be attached to the recorder.Lindsey had no apparent makeup in the cartoon, but she does get several colors here, yellow, green and bright violet. She also gets three bracelets, while she had none in the cartoon. The earrings weren't gold in the cartoon, but orange and green. She has some green and orange dots on her earrings, rather than triple pearls like in the cartoon. Or perhaps they just thought we'd enjoy it because of the 80's look. And male characters isn't something we've gotten a lot of in this line at this point.
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So this doll was our only chance to get this look. So if you bougth this one, did you shave (remove) his beard?

Sewn closed at the top and needs to be cut open. Hair is quite matching, the color and style. Lightgrey pants with a crease on front match perfectly. Jeff had slightly more lightgrey shoes rather than all white, but in the same kind of style. The top of the top in the music video biz!

He comes with a completely new head sculpt, with flocked hair around the sides and back, and rooted curly on top, and he even has his mustache. They went with his first outfit rather than his more recognizable second, which looked quite similar but was more colorful with it's green/turquoise shirt and yellow shoes. They did make the gray pants a little more exciting though by choosing a plaid pattern fabric. And although he probably was never seen having them in the cartoon, he came with a megaphone and a wristwatch.

I like that they made it more like the cartoon version. They got everything right, and some improvements. For the first time they went with something completely different, that is sure to grab attention. Triple necklace is white on the doll, and single black in the cartoon. Doll has double white bracelets, while in the cartoon she had a single black. The gloves are fingerless in the cartoon, but full on the doll. She wears the bracelets on the wrong wrist in the promotional pictures. Jerrica's headband became a hat on this doll. The darkblue part of the skirt was removed in favor for a superhigh slit on the doll. Craig comes with his instrument of choice, his elaborate drum kit!

But here this character finally makes his debute as a doll. Craig didn't have very exciting outfits in the cartoon, only this and joggingwear, so this was really the only option, seen in three episodes even. It's kinda simple, and the collar of the shirt looks kinda big on this doll.

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A drumset like this, is infact an absolutely amazing piece even for a high quality line like this. Really agree with the fabric they choose. Hair is longer on the doll than in the cartoon. And his shoes were supposed to be light gray rather than white. The drumset is an appreciated addition since he is a drummer, even though it doesn't match any drums he plays in the cartoon. Lots of things were of course right with this doll though, like the overall look and even eyecolor. This character was invented for the cartoon and never considered as a doll until this line came along. Fact is they made so many things right with this one. And hey, he does look angry as he should!

The outcome is one of the best looking dolls of the line. But the fact that this doll didn't come with a guitar is fine compared to the cartoon, where it was never featured.

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Because things like the headband, top color, tights color, and even boots are closer match. Of course boots were lower on the original fashion, and colored turquoise. Certificate of authenticity and doll stand also included!

Absolutely stunning how this kind of dress can even be done on a doll. Also, love the yellow roses accessory from the cartoon. W club members even got to see a video showing this doll in a 3d-spin, to really display the dress. Edition size was based on orders, but is reported to be 500. This was going to be released in the 80's line in 1988 but the line was cancelled before that. But as far as can be seen in prototypes, it's a close match, with the correct colors of the dress and shoes. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. They also had their own line of jewelries and all kinds of high quality accessories. Again, the fabric is shiny, rather than lamé. The belt is red rather than silver and blue. Used books may not include companion materials, some shelf wear, may contain highlighting/notes, may not include cdrom or access codes.

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