Toddler plays – usually with little vehicles – in the kitchen. Daddy says his goodbye’s and heads off to work.

We get silly, they get my full attention, kids’ music is on in the background and we break into spontaneous dance parties when favorite songs come on.

I change baby’s diaper and do her 5-10 minute nap time routine until she’s either asleep or drowsy in her crib. After 5 minutes of silence from the monitor, we head upstairs. He reads some books, plays with toys and wreaks some havoc – putting daddy’s underpants on his head, dumping out any basket of folded laundry he sees…if you have a toddler, you can imagine the scene.Then its gross motor playtime in the bonus room (our shared office and workout space). Then baby nurses while toddler plays in the nursery. Toddler enjoys a snack break during our outing. For some, the effort of getting out of the house every day might not feel worth it.

We round out the day with playtime in the backyard or on the front porch (dog included). Toddler often gets some one on one playtime with mommy.

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Twice a week, toddler gets a bath at this time while baby plays on a mat on the bathroom floor and/or is held.

I prep dinner while holding baby or while she plays nearby. Otherwise we snack and wait until after the kids are asleep to eat. She’s usually down around 7 and he’s down by 7:30.

We either eat together or spend some time chatting about the day. Struggling to know what to do with your baby to promote healthy development now that your little one isn’t just a floppy newborn anymore?

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