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She has 3 cats, 3 dogs, 6 puppies, and two horses.

I think a ballet barre would be amazing for all the ballerinas out there!

I still don’t have enough for all my dolls. Is there still a way to make a doll bedroom?Tacky glue works fine for holding the outer edge in place. Watch and tell us what marquee letter you want to make for your doll!

You can also buy the small wood letters from a craft store if you want to skip tracing and cutting out the letters. It’s very simple, but it did take me a few hours to complete. A classic dish soap method with some helpful tips as well as homemade bubble wand ideas. Perfect project to make for birthday party favors too.

1,000 Handmade Diy Miniatures Doll Foods Soda, Cakes, Pizza, Pies, Sushi, Candies, Etc.

1000 Miniature Doll Stuff Collection- Handmade Miniatures and Doll Food Miniature Stuff: In this video I will share with you 1000 ...

Have some old magazines or books lying around?

You might also like to make your own temporary tattoos which are also great fun!

There is simply nothing more that can delight and entertain a little one on a sunny day as well as this homemade bubble solution can. By making your own you'll save money and you will know exactly what it consists of and will know that it is safe and non-toxic for your toddler. Turn trash into toys with this simple tutorial for making sturdy and lightweight blocks out of product packaging and wallpaper!

Complete photo tutorial and plans for making an adorable playhouse. Your kids will have endless and creative fun with this set, there are many games and ways to play and learn. Recycle a cardboard box into your bean bag toss box and use some fabric scraps to quicky sew up some bean bags. Details include head construction and more!

These handmade wool and cotton dolls and are truly works of art and become cherished heirlooms. Felting wool sweaters is a great way to upcycle thrift store finds, turning them into handmade baby toys!

Includes step by step photo tutorial and a totally free pattern for you to print out and use. Beginning sewer, this is the doll project to start with and you'll soon learn that you don't even need a pattern. Make sure to make two because you'll want to join in on the sword play too. Just soft foam tubing from the hardware store, cotton batting and a fabric cover and you'll have a sword for your little pirate in no time!

This bunny toy is very easy to make and could be handsewn fast!

You could use felted wool sweaters for bunny too. Complete instructions for making a soft and cuddly bunny out of on old tee shirt. The sweater you find will determine the personality of your bear and the stretchiness of the material will hide any imperfect sewing and add character to your toy. Cozy, cuddly, eco-friendly, natural and cheap too. Very simple construction, with the front panel cut out into a shape with a jigsaw. The best part is how you can customize it to suit your nursery decor theme.

You can also source scrap wood for cheap from your local lumberyard and you can build an expensive heirloom quality set for next to nothing. Younger babies love sorting them and looking at the images and they'll last a lot longer than ones made of paper.

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Make it out of just five pieces of wood that you can have cut before you even leave the lumberyard!

Here are complete plans for making your own wooden rocking doll cradle. Anyone can make a puzzle like this, the only problem is being able to stop making them!

Complete instructions with a photo tutorial from start to finish. Here are complete instructions and a free pattern for making a wooden birdie toy using either a scroll saw or a handheld coping saw. From sewing projects to woodworking to felt and more, enjoy these free toy making tutorials and patterns!

Mash Ups Paper Food Doll Crafts Nachos | Tacos | Ramen & More

by request: On Todays My Froggy Stuff Mash Ups we've got everything you need for Doll Paper Food Crafts!

Get ready to craft with ...

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