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Doll Fish Show
Fluvial forms live in moderate to large freshwater riverine environments and migrate into smaller tributaries to spawn. A semi-anadromous or sea-run form migrates from fresh water and spends some time in the ocean or saltwater bays and estuaries to feed before returning to fresh water to spawn. The fins are plain and unmarked except for a few light spots on the base of the caudal fin rays. There are no black spots or wavy lines on the body or fins.The body has scattered pale yellow or pinkish-yellow spots. Also, the only fish that had colored spots. This one was profusely spotted over most of the body with reddish golden spots. My grandmother had just gotten a new dress in that style and the red-spotted trout reminded her of her printed dress. They were saying that the trout should have a better name. This was likely due to overlapping ranges and similar appearances among members of the two species.

Over the years, my customers’ fish had won numerous awards in goldfish shows across the country.

I would spend over 2 weeks on each trip going to more than 20 different goldfish farms looking for the very best. Find hidden dolls and collect coins to unlock upgrades. Help an old acquaintance solve a new mystery in the bonus game!

With mechanical puppets around every turn, can you find the masked madman and stop him before it’s too late?

Many features of the store will not be available to you. Your investigation quickly turns dark as history comes back to haunt the city and its inhabitants.

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