In order to deliver a complete wedding photography product, you’re going to need lenses that allow you to capture each of these aspects with artistry and creativity. Here is a subjective list of 6 must have lenses for any given wedding.

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It should be noted that we, the authors of this article, have a bias for shooting wide open (low apertures) in most situations. Browse our complete, comprehensive solutions below and take the next step in your photography. It can save the day when the light starts to drop and allow you to bring out the backgrounds. The 50mm also allows you to create stunning portraits, as the low aperture creates the shallow depth of field that makes your subject pop off the page and softens your subject’s skin.The 70-200 would be too close for this situation, and the 50mm would not provide enough versatility, as you typically don’t have too much room for movement. Add in your touch of lighting and creativity, and you get ring shots like the one below. Venue and landscape shots are also a great addition to your wedding day coverage, as it sets the scene for the day and allows you to take full advantage of amazing scenery. With this lens, you get an incredible look in the bokeh which really isn’t matched by any other lens. In a pinch one could shoot an entire wedding with that one single lens. When you need light and can’t use flash the 50mm is a must.

Beautiful creamy backgrounds and again a great lens when you need light.

I can go shallow and get that nice creamy look. This is great for walking around the tables or the cake cut off in a corner. One on-camera for for fill, one for my primary and one as a kicker. Then one goes on the secondary body for the walk around.

I can see that it is a lot of weight to be carrying and can see that changing lenses can mean missing a shot but when working in low light conditions without flash you do need to work with such lenses.

I was wondering what you keep your lenses stored in when working with these lenses?

I am looking for specific brands and models.

I don’t have this one but it’s on my next to do list for lenses.

I agree with the people that you do not need the luxurious gears if you really know what you are doing. But having the luxurious gear when you know what you are doing makes your quality much better, faster, and easier to work with.

I can’t afford to buy all lenses at once so which one do you think is the most inportant one to buy?

A natural light photographer might want a completely different set-up.

I wouldn’t worry too much about quality as most people don’t care much. This would be very helpful to other photographers to further make the case for the different lens selection choices. If u intend to make money frm photography thn yes u will need a relatively good lens bcos ur customer expect d best. Some churche’s hv conditions n by using a zoom lens ur able to hide wthout being noticed which is a good thing. Focal length will depend on ur shooting style. Some photographers will shoot an entire wedding just wth 2 lenses others 4 or mo. As mentioned is dis article, d mo u shoot d better u understand ur needs for which lens compliments ur shooting style. Understanding of composition n exposure is more important in my views. Apologies for not being clear enough, some pasting issues was there too. Just started learning so no commercial in mind :).

I read this and similar articles., and request your help to find the best lens to complete my personal arsenal of lenses.

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As mentioned, indeed 7k is a small price to pay for what could be prosperous business venture. Your business will target certain customers based on your style of shooting and the use of lighting and naturally the choice of lenses. Now this is a debate that could last for years but there’s no right or wrong. As a photographer you will know when a photo is good based on composition, details along with colours etc. Ask your customers, by looking at this photo, can you please tell me what lens did i use and model and while your guessing, please also give me the brand. Would they know, would they even care, hell no. They just love your style of photography. L but 24 mm is wide enough on full frame.

I could shoot a whole wedding on the siggy 35 though. But it’s not always suitable to get in some positions with it. The 24-105 is perfect for outdoor ceremonies.

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But like others have said these large telephoto lenses are bulky and if you’re trying to shoot photojournalistic, natural shots they make the subject camera aware too easily. New sigma line up will possibly change some of my lenses around. The home bleaching method may lasts up to several months but it is more dependable on the lifestyle of the patient. This powerful tooth stain removing pen works so well we’ve asked for more trial pens for us to use. Changing lenses or trying to capture shots in reduced areas becomes very tricky.

I find it distasteful to criticize others’ photography or skills. It takes time (and money) to acquire the best gear.

You need something wide, something medium and something long.

6 Must Have Lenses For Wedding Photography

It’s like paint-by-numbers for photography and it’s especially evident whenever they talk about gear. Seriously, these guys just recently within the last year or so finally advocated that people stop doing train track shots not because its corny and awful and boring but because it’s “not safe” and someone might get hurt. They do things for engagements like plan fake picnics with wicker baskets of empty wine bottles and have “spontaneous” tandem bike rides. There is no substance to that kind of photography. Seriously there is no magic formula of gear or shot lists to make you good. In reality you can shoot quality weddings with two lenses. Invest in a full frame camera, first and foremost.

You can rent a 100mm macro when you have weddings, just work it into the price.

I am good to go in a small church with flash allowed?

Not weather sealed though but for half the price of the canon version, ill buy a shooting bag if in the rain.

I used to shoot with multiple 8gb memory cards for safety, but i realised changing memory so often wears them out quickly.Now i use this reliable card and replace it every 4 to 6 months.

I do the occasional wedding, only really for friend /friend of friend.

I understand you may want to get used to equipment, but it’s an option surely?

Having the right settings is just as important.

You wouldn’t shoot a wedding with chrome your would shoot it with negative film. Everything else is based on your creativity.

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Because to me, shooting a wedding solo at fixed focal lengths would be like shooting with handcuffs on. Maybe a 100mm macro in the bag, if the close up abilities of the two zooms are not up to the task.

I like the idea of buying top glass not some cheap one only to have it. But again a lot of things depends on your shooting style. Its a weird world of lens choices and people’s style of shooting. Once my favorite lenses as a nature photographer- the 100mm macro gets used for only about 5 frames for the ring shot. What’s best for you depends only on you and no one can say which lenses should be used for wedding photography. It is a great substitute to the 70-200 vr ii at less than half the price.

I guess that’s why i’m behind the camera and not in front of it!

I shoot weddings professionally every weekend.

I have been as second shooter in weddings and a good glass is very useful for dificult situation. They want to have a good time…they want to dance. Does that make me a pro or make him a whack?Its the marriage of good equipment and acquired skill and experience that make a good photographer. My point, a puppet is just a doll without it’s puppeteer.

I also don’t think a fish eye is “must have”, that look is not for everyone. When you shoot vertical at 70mm there is distortion at the ends and the body does not look properly proportioned.

I live macro lens and fish-eye in a trolley.

I think the last breed of fols love more people and love being inside of action. For the most part, we have similar taste. No, it would be professionally irresponsible to have such a limited coverage and no backup. That lens is poor at focusing in low lighting conditions.

I think this is the lens collection you should have now only for weddings, but for all kinda events. These three lenses are enough to do the important thing done.

I shoot all wedding from start till end just with that one lens.

I have a fantastic 35-200 that covers mostly everything. Enjoyed your article, some really great pics!

Do you typically use your 24-105mm during the day or in well lit areas?

Some of my best weddings were shot on only 3 lenses (16-35mm, 50mm, and 70-200mm).

I would definitely have to agree with the authors picks on these lenses. The lenses listed are quite standard and staple lenses. So, might as well stick with the cheaper lens. The 24-70 is ideal, but the 24-105 is far more versatile in situations where a little extra zoom compression is necessary. If you are serious about wedding photography you better save up some money and buy quality glass.

I shoot with an entry level canon and have gotten some awesome images out of it. People can get amazing pictures with any camera/lens setup.

You may not be able to zoom in and see the open pores as much, but clients can still absolutely adore their images. They may have to rely on flash much more, but there is nothing wrong with shooting with these lenses. In the real wedding photography world, you’re stuck with more lighting scenarios than you’d encounter in a year of studio shooting. Dark churches with no-flash rules, blazing sun with no shade, all in the same day!

I think you’re point is that investing in the lenses won’t make you a professional without the talent, skill and experience to match the investment. Some people have to take out a business loan for a quarter-million dollars in order to get their business going!

I don’t know why people think that these two notions can’t go hand-in-hand, because they surely can!

However we certainly can’t encourage new photographers to show up to a wedding with nothing but a 50mm, of course. For the inexperienced wedding shooter, that could be disastrous. However as far as “must-have” lenses are concerned, it’s tough to recommend such specialty items. But making these types of decisions is more difficult for anyone who hasn’t been shooting weddings for ~10 years, lol. Everything else is extra and not necessary. It’s nice to have a real wide angle lens, for about 20 shots- then the thrill is gone. If you need a web article to tell you this or make you feel better about your choices, stop!

Go shoot 2nd behind a pro and learn how to use light. Gear doesn’t make a good photographer, it helps a good photographer work better and faster. Real world education & resources from the most successful wedding photography studios in the world.

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