Including a large early double sided oil painting from the 1930's. Also clocks, lamps, pedestals that are all hand made of exotic woods.

Doll Armoire Target
Cuneo who was the first woman to compete in auto racing. Active 1905-1915 she regularly won or finished in the money until women were banned from racing in 1915. Included is a truly museum quality and historic sterling shield placque. Also contemporary carvings and print work from various collections.A collection of antique sports equipment including leather football helmets, early 1900's baseball gloves and bats and more.

We have full provenance and documentation accompanying the painting. See photos , text catalog , and hammer prices. Both bikes are fully restored and in running condition. Bernie never had a going out of business sale, so there is a large quantity of neat collectible items all to be sold. Ted wrote for many outdoor magazines beginning in the early 1950's.

Considered to be one of the first baseball cards ever made, of one of the first professional baseball teams. These properties are on a nice dead end street with a public park at the end of the street and with newer homes in the immediate area. See photos , catalog (pdf) , hammer price results session 1 and session 2. Wei diptych surrealist landscape oil, etc. Many of her works will also be included in the sale. She was a well respected artist and teacher with very few works released to the market. See photos , catalog and hammer price results. All original and complete with original saddle bags. This motorcycle has been maintained with factory parts its entire life. From original owner with 20, 680 original miles. See photos , catalog and hammer price results. Built 1945, detached garage, private, trees. Jewelry: 14k diamond rings, gold jewelry, costume jewelry, etc. See photos and partial auction catalog. Nice large fenced yard, private natural setting in back. Each weapon in the military collection is an accurate representation of the actual wartime confiuration and most include the correct bayonet, sling, cleaning kit & other accessories. Colt logo: scope, magazines & bayonets. Attached 2-car garage, 2 fireplaces, with wrap-around deck. Built in 1965 with attached garage, oak floors, fenced yard, unfinished 2nd story. Super opportunity, nice location, fix or tear down. Great location, nice neighborhood, great opportunity - fix or tear down. Oak floors, tile kitchen and bath, full unfinished basement, detached 2 car garage. Oak floors, 2 fireplaces, 2 car basement garage. Fireplace, attached garage, deck and patio.

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Spare door panels, spare wheel cover, split tonneau cover and manuals. Built in 1914 with fireplace; great neighborhood, borders a greenbelt on dead end street. Great opportunity for acerage close to the city. Oak entry and halls, fireplace, propane heat, 320 sq. Parrish print collection, antique pictures, tools, etc. Fix up or tear down and build new: 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 880 sq. Well-kept 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, 2000 sq. Large basement with high ceilings, basement garage, hardwood floors. Newer appliances, side-by-side and double door refrigerators, 15 cu. Rowland realized that history can be made to come alive, and ultimately be more interesting, through immersion. Rowland realized that what was missing from the doll market was a doll that was the same age as the target consumer.

Doll Armoire Target

In essence a little girl doll for a little girl. The dolls were immediately a hit for an audience that was previously ignored by the toy industry, namely girls from the 8-12 age range. New outfits and accessories were also added to each doll’s collection to correspond with the new books. A new outfit was added to the collection of each doll this year. The outfits did not have books or matching accessories, but the outfits were taking from illustrations from the first books in each doll’s series. The doll dress patterns were also introduced at this time. Interestingly, girls could order a "subscription" where they could get one of the activity/craft books each month for a year. Her collection is in the back and upside down from the regular sections.

It was also at this time that the cloth bodies of the dolls changed from a whitish muslin color to a color that matched the skin tone of the arms, legs, and head. The dolls are returned in a special pink hospital box with a band aid printed in the front. Addy’s next three books, along with the matching outfits and accessories are introduced this year. Theater, craft, and cookbooks, and paper dolls were introduced for each of the dolls. There were originally twenty skin, hair, and eye combinations that one could chose from. The doll could be chosen to look like the girl receiving her or be someone entirely new. By writing the stories the owner of the doll would, in essence, be creating her own unique doll. Each blank book also came with a writing guide and a stencil was included with the set as well. Special matching commemorative shirts were made for girls and dolls. Each scene, when opened, measured 58” x 24”. The outfits were only supposed to be available for one year but the supplies lasted longer than one year and the outfits were available until they finally sold out between the years 2000-2002.Heavy retirements begin from the historical doll line. Kit (1934) is added to the historical girls line. Again she first comes out with only the first three books in her collection as well as the matching clothes and accessories. All the book covers for the historical doll books change from a white and parchment colored book to one with more scenery in the background. The spines are different colors for each of the dolls. Molly’s birthday table changes from the wood drop leaf version to the red chrome style.

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Hey guys we take a look at the our generation area of Target.

We finally see the classroom.

We never see it in person. It is actually ...

The second set of short stories is also added for each of the historical dolls. The first limited edition holiday outfit with matching accessories is introduced. Each year, during the holidays, a special dress will be introduced that will only be available for a few months at the end of the year. Lindsey, the first in a series of limited edition dolls, is introduced. She is a modern doll, but she comes with her own story and two sets of accessories. The third set of short stories was introduced to the historical doll line. Her entire collection is introduced at one time, however is it noticeably smaller than the collections of the other dolls. There is also a matching outfit and set of accessories to go with each of these books. The fourth set of short stories is added. The book features illustrations from all eight of the dolls’ books. Dolls had poseable heads arms and legs and came with a school outfit and paper back book. These new outfits do not come with short stories and are not based upon clothing seen in any of the previously published books for each doll. The movie will feature live actors not animation.This piece of fabric helps to eliminate the bunching that used to occur around the neck. The outfits are, however, a part of the historical doll line. This location is cited as an "experimental" location. That statement is leading collectors, and fans, of the product to wonder what other locations they might have in store for the future. She has a throw pillow and rug added to her bedroom set. Nicki is the first limited edition doll to have two books. Open the dusty lid and the long-ago childhood of some lucky young girl comes instantly to life. Tucked gently inside is a beautiful porcelain doll—dearly loved and much played with. Dressed in blue silk and surrounded by marvelous accessories, this doll and her tiny treasures were the cherished possessions of their owner—possessions so special that they were put away until some faraway day when her own little girl could delight in them. At an age when girls are old enough to read and still love to play, they need books and dolls that capture their imaginations. They are quality pieces—not plastic playthings—and are made for children over eight years old to treasure.

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