It didn't take all that long to put together either. It's also easy to adjust the height, so if you have snake children it will definitely grow with them!

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This product was well sculpted and thought out in every way just for little people. Use the illustrated bible story pictures to decorate your bulletin board or preschool classroom. See terms and conditions of use before using this website. It's in downloadable format so you can save it to your computer hard drive and have it whenever you need it to teach your class.Rhyming verse is used in a couple of places during the lesson to make the lesson fun, as well. God made, some illustrated story pictures, some b&w, to keep children involved in the lesson. All pictures of the samples that are in color, also come in b&w, and can be printed for coloring book pictures for the children to take home and color. Story pictures in color also come in black & white to be used as coloring pages. He knew how to make everything just right!

God loves and cares for everything he made!

20 Totally Amazing Doll Crafts

Find out how to make your Barbie doll the queen of the runway with these insanely cute clothes tricks and much more!

πŸ™‚ No one isΒ ...

See samples of coloring pages and crafts below. Join now to have access to all of the printable crafts, coloring pages and activities!

Print either color story pages or b&w story pages to use with the lesson.

You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages. For the lesson, the teacher reads the words that are not in bold. If you don't have an assistant, you can use a little-kid voice to play this part.

I put my hands over my eyes and everything is dark?

He can just say something and there it is!

God was very wise in the way he made everything, wasn't he?

The beautiful blue sky that we see every day!

Some days the sky is full of fluffy, white clouds. And, some days the sky is dark and stormy. He gathered all the water into one place to make the oceans. He made some trees with nuts - all kinds of trees!

He made some trees with cherries, and some trees with flowers. To make them grow he sends loving rain showers!

All the trees, he made with love and care. He made great big trees like the weeping willow, and plants that grow cotton as soft as a pillow. He made green apple trees and red apple trees and yellow apple trees too. In the fall, we see trees of every color and hue. He made big, tall sunflowers (reach up high above your head) and little itty bitty violets (hold up two fingers about a 1/2" apart). He made plants of every kind, size and shape. He made big, juicy strawberries and little tiny blueberries.

movable paper doll activitietotally amazing doll c
He made creeping, crawling ivy plants and giant sprawling spider plants. All these plants he made with love and care. His love and goodness he wanted to share!

He also made the billions of twinkley, winkley stars in the sky!

Did you ever see the see the sun's light bursting through the clouds in the sky, or feel the warm sun on your face?

God saw that everything that he made was good!

He made fish with fins and fish with scales. He made the leggy octopus and the slimy eel. He made the big, blubbery walrus and the playful seal - fish of every size and color!

He also made all the pretty birds on day 5!

There are birds that sing pretty, happy songs!

Doll Activities Toddlers

The little baby hummingbird is only one-half of an inch!

He made noisy woodpeckers, and soft-singing doves. He made the sun and moon and stars; and he made all the fish and birds. All those billions of stars - and he calls each one by their own name!

He knows when the grass on the hill needs rain. He provides for every living thing that he made at just the right time. He made clouds so they could hold water and then rain down on the earth at the right time. God for making everything just right, and that he loves the things he made!

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Then if anyone wants to pray after me, raise your hand, and we will take turns. Thank you for making the beautiful earth, and everything in it!

Thank you for watching over us even when we're sleeping. See more creation crafts for this lesson below. He s used again to teach the children on their level. All pictures of the samples that are in color, also come in b&w that can be printed for coloring book pictures for the children to take home and color. God loves and takes care of the animals he made. He made a short, little rhino and a really tall giraffe. He made animals that make you scared, and animals that make you laugh. Did you ever see a kangaroo with a tummy pouch?

God made animals that are soft and warm, like a puppy to cuddle.He made animals that get dirty, like pigs in a puddle!. God made zebras and tigers that have stripes or lines. He made some animals that are small, like a little baby bunny. He made some animals beautiful; and some really funny. He made some very strong like the lion and bear. The lion has a mane; that's a special kind of hair!

Lol Surprise Activities For Children !

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SWTAD video. Family fun playtime doing L.O.L. Surprise fun activities for children. ❤

He made animals that work hard, like an ox pulling a plow. God made animals that play and splash in the water, like the furry little beaver and playful sea otter. Some animals have claws so they can protect themselves. God made some animals just the right color, so that they blend in with the place where they live; this is so they can hide from animals that want to eat them!

They blend in with the white snow of the place they live. God gave some animals eyes that can see in the dark at night, like the owl. The owl needs to see at night because that is when he looks for his food!

God made some animals with really strong legs, so they could jump far, like the kangaroo. That way, kangaroos can move really fast and get away from another animal that is chasing them. He can pick up food and feed himself with his trunk. He can slurp up water and then give himself a bath. He can even do hard work, like carry heavy logs, with his trunk!

And, there's a lot of things that we don't even understand about animals!God didn't just make the animals and leave them all alone. He loves them so much that he gave each a special home. God made some animals to be happy living in the water, like the playful little sea otters. Some animals like the forest, like a bear. Some animals are happy in the hot desert, like a camel. God even made this little critter with a home - his own shell on his back is his home!

It tells us how he made the water in the lakes and ponds and rivers. Then it tells us how the wild animals drink the water; then they are not thirsty any more!

God has given them water and food to eat too!

But, right now, for circle time we have some flash cards with animals on them. How does the it know how to make its home?

For the other animals, ask all or some of these questions?

Let's bow our heads, close our eyes and fold our hands. Show the children how to crab-walk on all fours like a crab; squat down, waddle and quack like a duck; gallop and neigh like a horse; meow, curl up and sleep like a cat; growl and run like a bear; hop like a bunny; fly and tweet like a bird; move real slow like a turtle; eat grass and moo like a cow, etc. He hides in his shell that's green, brown or black. Get up on tippy toes, and crouch down low. Make trunk with arms stretched out, swinging, hands together. He might get you a coconut if you say "please"!

Place hand low to the ground, place hand way up high, place hands far apart.

24 Fun Toddler Activities For Summer Bucket List

Hold hands out to sides, elbows bent, palms up. Show the children its sharp teeth for chewing its food well, etc.

You can talk about how fast it can run or the fact that they always land on their feet when they fall. God was very wise when he made kittens, wasn't he?

They can pretend to write the animal's name on a piece of paper, or you can have them take turns and just say the name out loud. Let them know they are to make up a new name, not say the real name of the animal. When they've finished naming all of the animals, let them know what a wonderful job they did. Little pads of paper and crayons or jumbo pencils. Make "glasses" with your thumb and pointer finger. The children all stand in the middle of the room. The teacher states the action of the animal. When the music is playing the children continuously do the action of the animal. The assistant stops the music after a few seconds, or up to a minute or so. When the music stops, the children have to freeze in whatever position they are in. If they keep moving after the music stops, they have to go sit down. Continue playing in this way until only one child is left standing. Give all the children prizes at the end for their effort. There are story pictures, as well as some illustrated story pictures to keep children involved in the lesson. These lessons are in digital download format.

You can save them to your hard drive and print easily any time you need them for your classes.

You also have other craft options, including a doorknob hanger made out of construction paper for toddlers, or foam for older preschool children.

We don't use small objects that are choking hazards, but even crayons, markers and glue stick caps can be choking hazards. Remove caps and place out of children's reach. Only use one glue stick per adult, and watch child while they are using it.

We have substituted construction paper for all foam crafts. Unless children are at least 4 years old, do not use foam ( they could tear off pieces and eat it, even after they leave the class.This fun creation craft / game uses a booklet of pictures and a bear to. Its an easy and fun creation craft for children to make. Members learn how to play the game on the activities page for this lesson. Craft directions supplied on the crafts page for this lesson. Cut both ends of the envelopes off - (the same size of the square on the kangaroo's tummy). Glue envelop piece onto the kangaroo's tummy on top of the square, with the opening on the top. Use one of the circles as a pattern to cut out the same size cardboard circles. Attach spinner with brass fastener at center of circle. Then you don't need to glue it onto the cardboard. Cut treetop shapes out of green construction paper (2 per craft). Cut construction paper the same size except 1/2" smaller in width. Glue raccoon on the inside of the tree, so that he shows through the hole.

Staple the two treetop pieces together all around the sides and top to form front and back with hole in the middle. Make additional blank pages with the white paper by cutting the paper the same size as the people pictures. Add stickers of people to blank pages, adding the child's own words (whatever they want it to say). Cut out around the top and sides of the big bush on the craft page. The children can also make this craft in class to take home. Place glue on the sheet of construction paper for a frame. Cut the snakes for the children, along the spiral body and cutting the excess out from around the head. Help children cut out clothes and peel off backing. Apply restickable glue on the backs of the clothes. Using a soda bottle, you can make your own bird feeder. The ice cream only needs to be put in the freezer for 5 minutes, so perfect for impatient toddlers. If not, just pull out their favorite dolls or stuffed animals and throw down a blanket!

Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. Gross motor : the control of large muscles which enable walking, running, jumping and climbing. Fine motor : the ability to control small muscles; enabling the toddler to feed themselves, draw and manipulate objects. Vision : the ability to see near and far and interpret what is seen. If it's mine it will never belong to anyone else, no matter what. If we are building something together, all the pieces are mine. He or she may learn as many as 7–9 new words a day. Around this time, toddlers generally know about 50 words.At this age, children are becoming very proficient at conveying their wants and needs to their parents in a verbal fashion. Gaining the ability to point at whatever it is the child wants you to see shows huge psychological gains in a toddler. This stage can begin as early as nine months old depending on the child and environment. One way to test this is the rouge test : putting lipstick on the child's face and showing them their own reflection. Mimic parental activities such as cleaning up or talking on a telephone. Mimics social behavior such as hugging a teddy bear or feeding a doll. Ability to be independent to primary care giver.Easily learns new words, places and people's names. Shows preferences, such as clothes and entertainment.

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