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Doll Clothes Hangers Inch Dolls
Other fun 18” doll accessories are outdoor clothing and pieces for activities from hiking to baking and much more!

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Quality was nice and they are thick plastic and have no brands/logos/writing on them at all. They fit perfectly and are a pretty durable quality plastic.I chose this bunch for the slit at the bottom of the hanger which allows them to be used to hang shorts, skirts, pants etc.

I like that we are able to hang clothing sets together on 1 hanger. She has a tension rod in her closet, where these hang just for her doll. Love the ability to hang matching pants and shirts together on same hanger.
How to use aluminum wire to make your own Do It Yourself clothes hangers for American Girl 18" dolls. The hangers have tons of ...

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How To Make Doll Clothes Hanger (Doll Craft)

How to make a doll clothes hangers. Learn how to make easy, inexpensive hangers for doll clothes. More Free Doll Crafts ...

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