Both had to have wax rubbed on the edges of the openings to keep them from squeaking horribly every time you opened or closed them.

You don't have to do anything special, just cover each piece with white glossy acrylic paint and let it dry.

There is sawdust on them and they smell wonderful so it seems like they had just been made before they were shipped. Some pieces did fit more snug but a little hand sanding seems to work just fine.

We did find that using a base coat before painting helped because they really absorb the paint. Purchased 4 of these and every one came in great condition!Also, smooth the paper down as flat as you can get it and don't use more than two magazine-page thickness layers or it will make your dolls fit weirdly. If you're gluing paper, be sure not to get glue in the seams or wipe it out if you do it it might make the fit a little hard. All the dolls sit steadily when set out in a row. The wood is smooth and pleasant to the touch, all the dolls fit nicely, and though the first couple of times opening them required a little twisting back and forth they stayed open without being loose after that. The warped holes are still present afterwards. The largest doll is shaped with a wider base for standing- the rest are like bowling pins (except much lighter!) and are inclined to fall over if disturbed.

They close so tightly that it is difficult to spin around the lids when closed to align them. Fortunately, the doll lids themselves close tightly. The size difference is greatest between the largest and second largest doll, almost as if you could have fit a doll size between them. Each doll has a tight seal and is easy to open. The smooth unpainted finish gives crafters a clean surface for creation. The dolls are slightly ribbed with lines spanning its circumference (similar to from a potter's wheel), which may be intrusive if you intend to paint miniature. A suggestion when you're finished painting is to use a lacquer finish, since it works and feels glossily smooth and nice. Between the dolls, size difference is enough that you can feel any doll rattling/falling around inside the larger one, especially vertically if you turn it upside-down.

Night Lovell Barbie Doll

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