Perfectly shaped natural looking eyebrows can be yours. Individual hairs in their natural growth pattern are tattooed over the eyebrow.

Doll Eyes Lashes Madison Wi
You want to change the shape of your brow or give it that arch you’ve always wanted.

You have holes, gaps or scars in your eyebrows and the hair never grew back.

You have lost your brows because of chemotherapy, alopecia or other reasons for hair loss. If you had permanent tattoo and over the years, the tattoo faded.You over-waxed or over-tweezed your eyebrows. Microblading is one of the latest trends to restore a youthful and natural look to the face. People no longer want the tattoo look, and prefer to look naturally like themselves without makeup. It is also great for creating a lift in the eyebrow for those who have lost their eyebrow shape with age. Microblading is done using a very fine disposable blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis. More superficial than tattooing and impacting color closer to the top skin surface, strokes appear and remain crisp and extremely fine.

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Easy eye make up for long doll lashes!

Using; Sara Beauty London FAUX MINK lashes in style Gorgeous.

However, a touch up once a year is recommended to retain the shape and saturation of pigment.

We specialize in long, luxurious eyelash extensions and permanent cosmetic makeup to enhance your natural beauty. Book your appointment now at (608) 347-1042!

Time to get some beautiful ladies lashes up!

Brows from a client of my own from 4years ago. Its semi permanent in the sense that it softens over time. To me this is ideal since clients change there preference in color and size of there brows. Lips fade about 60 percent but this will help make lips look fuller and add a tint for color. Stop into our monona location to pick one up!

She has been doing lashes for over 2 years and permanent make up for over a year. Offer only available for new microblading clients. After 20 years of doing nails she prefers to do gel polish over acrylic. She is accepting new clients for lashes, waxing and makeup. Experienced in various types of cut, color and makeup techniques. Give them a call at (630)915-2110 to make an appointment.

You always feel welcomed and every experience is relaxing and to perfection!

I always leave with a full and fluffy look!

A lot of lash artists use you to play with their own techniques and ideas in which many times you end up with something you’re unhappy with!

If you want lashes like mine go to doll eyes!

Love being able to relax for an hour and girl-talk while she creates my gorgeous lashes. The confidence boost these give is unreal - super love not having to wear mascara too!

The establishment is grungy and cluttered, with people literally napping in the back room where they also have customers. Apparently they upped their prices and didn't tell me before charging my card.

I won't see anyone else for my lash extensions!

Doll Eyes Lashes

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I called the general number but had to leave a message.

I received a call back the next day to go over the process and ultimately scheduled an appointment.

I was told that to obtain a full look two appointments would be needed. The first session was the installation; this takes about 45 minutes. The second visit is about 20 minutes and is done about 4-7 days after the initial install. On my first appointment my aesthetician was very detailed in going over the expectations and tips to properly care for it.

I lay on a long table where tape was used to ensure that my eyes stayed closed.

I have always had very very short lashes so this look was very dramatic; in a good way. As soon as left and began my errands women were telling me how pretty my lashes looked.

I liked the look even more because it was very full. They feel a bit heavy on your eyes but it really is worth as it the final look is pretty great!

Doll Eyes Lashes Madison Wi

She gave 3 options for lashes (short, medium, long).

I could definitely feel them, but they were more comfortable than falsies. Very clean, though in a bit of a strange location. Customers have the right to ask questions. Sammie did my lashes a while back and she did such a wonderful job!

I was so excited to get these lashes done and lay off the mascara and the lash strips. Very clean facility and they have bathrooms that are clean as well!

I went there after a coworker referred me, but it was a horrible mistake.

Madison Microblading

I would never go back to her even if she gave me a year of service for free. Lashes were applied in a huge rush, literally within 35 minutes. Technician seemed extremely careless and unprofessional, quality level was minimal. Most lashes were clumped together and stuck to my eyelids. Then without warning, she ripped both tapes off my lower lids, just zero compassion. Most lashes fell out within a couple days and were extremely bothersome. The whole process was super easy and went by really fast.

I got the second installation the day before the wedding. The day of the pictures came out great and my eyes popped with the lashes.

I highly recommend this place for eyebrow and eyeliner tattoos as well as eyelash extensions. The technicians are always friendly, professional, and helpful.I have as clients and the area in which we provide services.

I wanted lashes to be an expense and a luxury everyone could afford. Microblade; all to enhance your natural beauty. Perfectly applied makeup all day, every day!

Let us help you enhance your natural beauty and feel more confident.

We always offer our clients a complimentary consultation.

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