This is a fairly easy pattern and you will need basic sewing skills to complete it. Also included is a suggestion for making your doll stand.

Included are directions to make the doll as shown, clothing, the heart and star. This traditional snow man will be loved by everyone. Also makes wonderful gifts for the winter holiday season!

Pattern includes instruction for making snowman as pictured including his little tree.You may also opt to add a purchased tree or small ornament!

Pattern includes baby bunny in peapod and the bouquet of flowers. Directions for eggs and carrots included. What a super wall decoration for the holidays!

Pattern includes option for dressing the cat for winter. Who can resist these 15” painted and stained holiday sweeties!

How To Make Doll Cans And Paper Towels click the link to make this fabsome craft today!

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Wonderful holiday décor that you can enjoy for years!

Patterns for stockings and tiny raggedy included. The sitting version is about 11" tall and standing on a wooden base will be approx. Instructions include directions for making them look old and dirty. It includes a wonderful 16" raggedy standing on a wooden base that has two face options – painted eyes or buttons. The bears can be made with a round ball-like head or a flat round head. Pattern includes suggestions for finding and making cute tags. The round headed faces can be made with or without features. Patterns for bloomers, dresses and aprons are included for all sizes. Pattern includes fabric egg and daffodils. Pattern includes instructions for dolls, clothing, candy corn and face diagrams. Pattern includes gingerbread man and candy corn. Directions for daffodil are included, too. Directions for egg garland and carrot are included. Pattern includes instructions for making faux rusted cans that are encrusted with cinnamon. Pattern includes directions for making the doll, her clothing as well as the little flower too. Pattern includes directions to make the snowmen as shown as well as their hats, the heart and the gingerman. The pattern includes directions for making the male and female rabbits as shown as well as their clothing, the carrots and bucket of flowers, staining and painting directions too. The rabbits can be stitched together in a row or wrapped around a potted plant of basket. These primitive dolls are perfect decorations for the fall season. Pattern includes directions for making the snowman and his clothing as shown.

You will also have face options that include hand embroidered or painted eyes and the option to put eyelids on any or all of your dollies. You'll find three different faces, three hairstyles and the ice cream cones in this delightful pattern for these 19" raggedies. Directions for the cans and sources for vintage labels and accessories are included in this charming pattern.

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This 15 to 16" primitive pumpkin doll stands on a wooden base and would be the perfect decoration for the season!

Pattern includes directions for making the cute little giraffe she holds. Annie is a 20" long traditional rag doll that can be displayed as a wall hanging or seated doll. Perfect for your fall table display or room/window decoration!

The shape/size of your pumpkins are easily changed by the number of sections that you choose to add!

With this pattern you can make a larger pumpkin or a smaller pumpkin as well as the flattie!

There's a no limit to what you can do with this pattern. Because of the size of the pattern and paper, it isn't feasible to make into an e-pattern so it is only available in print!

These pigs make great ornies by themselves!

This complete pattern packet has been a year in the works. The pattern includes detailed instructions on making the doll as shown including her dress.

Doll Cans

The pattern also includes directions for making her stuffed pig. These country girls make beautiful gifts!

These would be perfect to make up for ornies or bowl fillers or to add to a larger doll. The pattern's instructions are detailed and suitable for any level of doll maker. If you would like to order now we will send the pattern at that time. The pattern also includes instructions for making the cute bears and gingerbread men as well as the candy cane. The bears and gingerbread men also make great ornaments!

There are options for a boy or girl as well as two different clothing styles for the boy. If you're really into crafting from tin cans, and making miniatures, this is the book for you. Made from can with no soldering required. Pattern includes directions for basket, 4" eggs and how to make him look old and dirty if you like.

Diy Scale Doll Pasta And Sauce Cans

How to make Miniature Pasta and Sauce Cans. Printable available on Patreon If you Love ...

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