The temple commemorates this legend every year with a festive procession. Instead a daughter is born who is already 3 year old and has three breasts.

Doll Arrangement During Dasara
Shiva intervenes and says that the parents should treat her like a son, and when she meets her husband, she will lose the third breast. India for plunder by the late 13th century. Sultanate sought tribute from the temple towns, instead of supporting them. Plan of the temple per 1911 sketch (does not reflect changes).The outer walls have four towering gateways, allowing devotees and pilgrims to enter the complex from all four directions. For example, before the colonial era, the temple complex was itself inside another layer of old city’s fortified walls. The courtyard walls were added over time in response to invasion and the plunder of the temple complex. The temple has 14 gopurams , the tallest of which is southern tower, rises to over 170 ft (52 m) and was rebuilt in the late 16th century. Like other gopurams, it too was destroyed in the 14th century and later rebuilt. It is five-storeyed, was walled up and closed through 1963 for unclear reasons.

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This gopura was reopened after the renovations completed in 1963. Her raised hand holds a lotus, on which sits a green parrot. This image is set in a square garbha griya (central sanctum). In the northeast corner is another stone image of his consort. None of these travel during a festive procession. The golden top can be seen from a great distance in the west through the apertures of two successive towers. The painting is executed on a vivid red background, with delicate black linework and large areas of white, green and ochre. Along the perimeter of the chamber, granite panels of the divine couple are present. The hall is situated in the western bank of the temple tank. This mandapam also houses the model of the entire temple complex created in 1985. To the south of this hall is the kalyana mandapam , or wedding hall. It is in front of the eastern tower, outside the current walled complex. Each pillar in the hall is a carved sculpture. The mandapas also feature community gathering halls. Sundareswarar by the pilgrims, she considered the primary deity of the complex. During this autumn festival, the temple complex is lit up at night with garlands of lights and with colourful displays during the day.

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SUVARNA NEWS 24X7 – – 06 oct 2011 – Mysore Dasara: Doll Arrangement During Dasara at homes …

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