The backing is a solid red challis with a 3/8 inch applied black green binding the same fabric as the border. The squares vary in size and do not line up evenly - small hands learning their way with a pair of fabric shears we imagine.

The separate applied 1/4 inch binding is stitched down using a treadle machine. It has super cute little shoes that you can take on and off. She plays with the keychain that came with the doll more than the doll itself. It's definitely small but my six-year-old liked it and thought it was really cute.Log in to play games, check out videos, and even create a "crib" of your own. Even if you can't bring her with you, a colorful doll charm in her likeness will help keep her close to your heart. She loves music and singing, and cares about the world around her. This sweet, caring girl comes dressed to play with a colorful outfit and adorable pigtails.

You can watch videos, play games and even create your own "crib". She likes making a difference, singing, and playing the guitar.

Pin your quilt top and backing either with a thin batting in between or if you prefer no batting at all. Women tied quilts both on the front or the back.

I decided to tie my doll quilt to the back as the front was already quite busy but either way would be typical of the times.

You can tie your quilt with square knots or if you want something a little stronger do a surgeon's knot. Sew to the front then turn and slip stitch it down in the back. Many doll and crib quilts were pieced like this. It won't be perfect but that adds to the charm. Cut a 1 ½" strips for each side of the quilt then sew them on. For an added old time touch you can piece the backing with larger scraps you might have. Next sew them along each side of the quilt. Try to have the seam line hit the end of each point. Once you are sure of the size cut and sew enough sawtooth blocks to go around the quilt. If the squares are just a little large you may be able to trim the squares to size.

You will need 84 for the crib quilt and 36 for the doll quilt if you use my plans. Carefully cut the blocks in half corner to corner making triangles. Sew together one light and one dark along the long edge making a new square. Arrange the blocks in different ways and decide which variation you will use. Look at the variations above to see some possible arrangements. Turn the block and this time place a light strip of fabric along the right. Continue to add strips alternating two light and two dark until you have three strips in each direction. Turn the block left 90 degrees and place another strip of the same fabric along the right. Press the strip away from the center square. Place a 1¼" wide dark strip wrong side up along the right hand edge of the center square. Carefully cut the end of the strip off even with the square block.

If you find you need more as you go just cut more.

You will cut the fabric for your borders later. Cut a variety of 1¼" wide strips of light and dark fabric. Long strips can be used for more than one log. Cut a 2" square of the fabric you want to use for the center, one for each block. Cut an 8" square of muslin for each block you will be making. For the doll quilt get a fat quarter of each fabric. The crib quilt has 5 blocks in each direction resulting in a total of 25 blocks. With the sawtooth border is is about 35" square when done. The doll quilt is made with just 4 log cabin blocks and measures about 17" square when finished.

You will be able to imagine yourself making your quilt during the late ninteenth century.

This little treasure showcases a nice variety of 1920's fabrics in a multicolored palette within a great cheater cloth border. The 3/8" solid green binding was applied half by treadle machine and then stitched down by hand on the back side. A very nice medium weight solid deep blue cotton was used for the backing - see detail pics. There is one very early seam mend in black thread visible on the front which we have not touched. The hand quilting and possibly the piecing of the blocks look to be done by little hands. Log cabin blocks measure 6 x 6 with logs varying in width from 1/2" to 7/8". There are even some basting stitches remaining from the original construction. The embellishment stitching is executed in silk by an experienced hand and there is no thinning, fraying or tears to the silk and silk velvet patches.

Antique Crib Quilts

In near perfect condition front and back, the only thing we find amiss is a slight discoloration on one side to the yellow silk ribbon which can be seen in the photo above. This lovely little doll quilt was probably made by a mother for her child from a left over crazy quilt block. The backing folds to the front and is hand stitched down forming the 1/4" binding which shows some wear. A few early mends, we like to think done by the young quilter or her mother, add to the sweetness of this quilt. The sweet backing fabric is a pink scroll pattern on off white and it, too, is hand pieced from multiple scraps. This little quilt is not quilted or tied and there is no bat between. A very sweet all hand sewn early 20th century doll quilt. This is a very rare combination, especially in a doll quilt. Hand pieced squares measure approximately 1 3/8" with some of the squares made up of two or three pieces of fabric sewn together. It appears this little girl used the remnants from one of her mother's quilts!

The scraps were hand sewn together to form the border.Even the eyelet around the edge is sewn on by hand between the top and backing fabrics. The outer blue, green and white border is made up of 10 or more 'scrap' pieces of the same fabric - probably from a quilt or dress her mother made. Blocks measure 3 1/4" x 3 3/8" with four blocks forming a circle. A sweet and wonderful early 20th century teal and white doll quilt in excellent condition. Pink cotton floss ties on the front hold the backing to the quilt top with no bat between. A small metal ring was attached to one corner long ago which we have not touched.

The backing was folded to the front forming the border and finished with a top stitch all around - one inch wide on the long sides and 1/4 inch top and bottom. A wonderful circa 1885 silk velvet doll's crazy quilt done to scale. The front is in perfect condition; the solid red backing is almost all gone except for some fabric still attached by the binding stitches. Fifteen small silk velvet patches measuring from the smallest at 3/8 x 1 inch up to 1 1/4 x 2 inches make up this diminutive doll quilt. Small areas of very light staining in two or three blocks are more noticeable in photos than in person. A very small, early crazy quilt made of silk velvets. The floral cotton backing is a pale lavender mauve with yellowish tan and white small scale flowers. A wonderful little quilt once used by a young girl for her doll, ready to be used and loved again. Each block is 7/8 inches square and pieced by hand. This little quilt is pillowcase edged with top stitching by hand 1/16th from the edge. The backing is white and the bat is thin with a nice loft. A quilted four petal flower motif is centered within the 4 stitched tulips. Every little piece has been outline quilted by hand.The floral cotton backing is striking and has navy flowers and leaves outlined with red on a white background. The separately applied white binding is a scant ¼ inches wide. Hand pieced and hand quilted with tulips in the 2 inch wide pink border, with echo outline in the border's four corners. Completely hand pieced and quilted each block is just 3 inches square. In excellent condition this wonderful little quilt is a very sweet find!

The backing is solid black cotton sateen pillowcase edged to the quilt's top with embellishment stitching all around. There is a small area of smudging on the binding (seen in photo) that does not detract from the quilt. This is a wonderful little quilt that has been used but lovingly cared for by small hands. It is treadle machine quilted with diagonal cross hatching spaced 1 inch apart. One can easily tell by the shape of this quilt and some of the pieces that a child definitely had a hand in its creation, probably alongside her mother or grandmother. A child's doll quilt, it would have been advantageous to make a child's doll quilt by machine because of its normally excessive use. A small treasure to use or display on your wall as the perfect piece of graphic art for that small space!

The backing is a white muslin which folds over to the front forming the ½ inch hand stitched binding. Each block has been hand pieced and hand quilted in diagonal lines and measures 2 ¾ inches. This pleasing little crib quilt is comprised of various soft hues in plaids, stripes, and checks with a few florals and solids added in for fun. The fabrics on the front are from 1850 to 1860. What a beautiful work of art in mint condition and the perfect size for hanging on your wall or a spectacular and special quilt for your baby's crib. The 3 1/2" outer border in an over dyed green calico has corner blocks in a great madder dyed plaid. This quilt may be sent to you on approval for private viewing.

Antique Crib

Logs are one inch wide with cabin blocks measuring approximately 11 inches square. This perfect little quilt appears unused and is in excellent condition. The backing is a lovely red cotton calico – see detail image. Hand quilting is nicely done with outline and diagonal stitching in the bars and small blocks and double chain stitching in the red border. The red border framing the vibrant bars is 3 ¾ inches wide. Red, blue, green, purple and yellow bars radiate out from the center square with solid red one inch blocks in each corner. Use as either a small bed cover, throw or it would be stunning as graphic art on your wall. A small and very even outline track stitch is used as the embroidery embellishment throughout. Arranged as a 4 x 7 array of fans this wool challis quilt has a 4 inch solid blackish green border and 28 fans made up of alternating red and green blades and finished with grayish brown fan handles. The placement of color makes a snowball or bull's eye pattern with the off white bow ties becoming the background. The wonderful cheddar border measures approximately 2 inches on the long sides and ⅞ inches on the short sides. The off white backing folds to the front and is hand stitched down to form the ⅜ inch binding. Hand quilting includes outline stitching for the bow ties and corner blocks, with double parallel lines stitched in the cheddar border. Whatever its history it makes for a great piece of folk art for either a traditional or contemporary setting. Add to that evidence of somewhat irregular hand quilting stitches and it suggests creation by a young girl, possibly for a new sibling?

Echo outline hand quilting accentuates the central gothic star shape. The backing is white cotton, and the front folds to the back to form the 1/4 inch wide hand stitched binding. The varied white on indigo blue fabric patterns add yet another dimension to this quilt. The separately applied ½ inch binding is in a tiny chambray blue dot on white. This early quilt has a very graphic and gothic star papercut applique measuring 20 1/2 inches in diameter as its central focus. Within the large star is a smaller 5 inch in diameter white star hand appliqued in tiny stitches. The red center of this star is reverse appliqued. Miniature 5/8 inch split squares form the corner blocks joining the triple border. The fourth and outermost border is white and is a generous 7 inches wide. Hand quilting in this diminutive beauty includes herringbone stitching for the outside border; outline stitching in the triple inner border; and 5/8 inch diagonal cross hatch in the center white ground. Hand quilting was used throughout with 1 inch cross hatch in the joining blocks, outlining and cross hatch in the pieced blocks and parallel lines in the border.The bright, 5 ¾ inch orange joining blocks pop out at the viewer and the 3 ½ inch flying geese border adds constant movement to this mini masterpiece. It is in excellent condition and is comprised of twelve 5 ¾ inch pieced blocks each with a 1 ¼ inch double pink center square surrounded by radiating solid white bars and four indigo blue and white patterned triangles. The center rectangle has been diagonally quilted to create a large diamond and crosshatch quilted in a 5/8 inch grid in the remaining area. The crosshatch hand quilting inside the sashing is 5/8 inches apart, and outside the sashing is 1 1/4 inches apart. Ask to see it on approval for private review. Turkey red letters and animals have been hand appliqued and embellished. This is a wonderful small quilt that would be fabulous art for the wall. The applied 3/8 inch binding is pieced fabrics in tan stripes and a blue plaid and shows slight wear at the fold on one area of one side. The maker used another quilt - a cotton broken dishes pattern in soft blue, white and lavender - for the backing of this piece. Pieced entirely by hand with outline and echo outline quilting also executed by hand. The outermost border is the widest at 5 1/4 inches with the smallest border at 1 3/8 inches wide. Hand quilting in brown thread includes outline stitching for the concentric squares with clam shell stitching in the outer gray border.

Crib Mattresses

The gray backing folds to the front forming the 3/8" hand stitched binding. Concentric squares in varying widths ranging from a mere 3/16" up to 4 1/2" surround a central two color bars pattern in blue and greenish gray. A very sweet quilt in all original condition. Wonderful early fabrics throughout are hand pieced into blocks just 3¾" square. There are two cotton calico prints in black, red and white used for the top and the backing is a sweet complementary calico in red, brown and ecru - see detail image. The only flaw in this completely original quilt is some wear in areas of the twill tape binding, and one corner where an inch and a half of the binding is missing. The perfect size for hanging, this quilt retains all of its positive energy!

Originally made for a bassinet it would be perfect displayed as artwork on your wall. A wide variety of wool and wool challis fabrics have been assembled into a crazy quilt, with every seam embellished in fancy hand stitching. Finished with a 1 inch separately applied black binding embellished with a double herringbone stitch, backed with red flannel, and reverse tied with black yarn. This is a rare and wonderful piece of folk art in its original youth bed size. It can be sent to you on approval for private review. Fabric is lemon yellow color with white squares that create an optical illusion. The diamonds that form the tumbling blocks measure 1 3/4 inches per side. Completely hand pieced using very tiny stitches, and outline hand quilted throughout. Turned over binding, chevron style quilting. Machine pieced, hand quilted, great graphics and colors. There is a miniature 9 patch block and half of another one, and the sides are half of a diamond in a square. Once hung, it becomes a stunning piece of art. There are a few flaws which show up only under close examination.The wear is not due to use, but to the fragility of the ribbons and silk. The white joining blocks are outline quilted and cross-hatched quilted. The quilting mimics a diamond in a square pattern. The white fabric pieces are all 3/4 inch cross-hatched grid. A wonderful size for a small wall area or table top. A radiating center star is very difficult to piece.

We know a few things about the woman who made this piece.All hand pieced and hand embellished, this exquisite little quilt can be hung (in either direction) or be placed on a tabletop. Created during the mid 19th century from 18th and 19th century ribbons. This amazing little piece is showing a lot of wear. Pieced by machine, quilted by hand using very tiny stitches, each triangle in the pinwheel is outline quilted. The diminutive red and white calico seen in the joining sashing is also used for the backing. The applied binding, which we have restored, is from the same date fabric.

Free Log Cabin Crib and Doll Quilt Pattern Instructions

The diminutive nine patch joining block measures 1-78" wide with 5/8" squares. The larger nine patch blocks have 4-1/2 " sides made up of 1-1/2" squares.

I have known times when you would find a mother's and child's matching quilts. It is machine pieced and backed with a soft burgundy and gray striped flannel. The flannel backing makes the quilt warm and cuddly. The backing and binding are a solid yellow identical to the blocks. This little crib quilt is pieced both by hand and by machine. Each block and piece is outline quilted by hand. There is a six sided star quilted in yellow blocks. As many pre-1850s quilts, it is backed with linen fabric, the diamonds are also white linen. This very early bassinet quilt is truly a treasure. A perfect size for collecting, to put on a tabletop or to hang on the wall. This is an exact replica of an adult's quilt. The outside border is cross-hatched, the 9 patch is a diagonal double line quilting and the white blocks are quilted with a two crossing ellipses.

There are 3 different patterns of quilting on this piece. It is hand pieced and hand quilted, and the binding is hand applied. The quilt is completely made up of only two fabrics. The outside edge of the border is 3/8 inch turquoise binding. Each turquoise and white block is joined by a solid white block of the same size. The border consists of an inner border of 1-1/2” in turquoise and an outer border of 2" in white. Bright and happy, this color was popular in the 1920’s, 1950’s and now again. This 4 inch 9 patch is comprised of 1-1/4” squares. A simple and graphic piece of art with a solid color tourquoise will complement any decor. Even the 3/8 inch binding on this piece is silk velvet. This fabric appears to be a natural colored feedsack. In complete unused original condition, this little quilt is ready for your collection or a child’s doll.<