And she has a very famous scary cool parents as well. Doll is fully articulated so she can be posed in many different ways.

Doll Arms Talking Dead
I pulled at one of the legs to see if the elastic would break.

I intend to add a whole set to my collection. You’ll see this ghoul dressed up like this in nearly all the media so safe to say anyone would want this doll. Her book is a nice insight of her and also her relationships which is a plus.When considering this item remember that price is a big issue. If you want it be prepared to fork over some dough unless you can get a used one in good condition.

I feel like these dolls are made for me- they’re pretty and cute, and they’re monsters. For one, the clothes seem to be pretty high quality.

I am especially enamored with the gold stitching on her top, that’s a very nice touch. The other thing that impressed me was that, despite the included base, she can stand on her own.

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Achmed has a son!

An extended clip of Jeff Dunham, Achmed, and Achmed Junior from Jeff’s latest stand-up special Controlled …

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