These large picture cards on both sides are perfect to start teaching young children to read and count. Each card features a colorful design on one side with the corresponding name and the other only the name of the object or animal without the figure.
Very young children can have fun just to name objects and animals on the cards while the parent can help to further expand vocabulary and expressive ability of the child making him more questions about the images: what color is the apple? What to do the duck? Which of the butterflies is green? At the same time the child begins to get used to seeing the written word and the parent can help pointing out the word and making spelling. After some time, the child will begin to recognize the word even without the help of the image, at which point the parent can show the child only the back of the card and ask him to guess what it is, then check with the image on the back of the paper. Older children and experts can instead also try to copy the words and maybe look for the letters that make up her name. In general, children often love games where you have to sort and classify objects and these cards lend themselves perfectly to ask such children to collect all of the cards with similar subjects, for example, all cards with the animals or food.
This game stimulates not only the expressive capabilities, but also the basic math skills of children, since some maps show a certain number of objects (‘ six pencils ‘, ‘ five butterflies ‘ and so on. ).
The cards are designed for children aged 3 years and also fun for little ones with their bright and colorful images. Use these 50 double – sided flashcards and helps the child to develop reading and skill with numbers.

Orchard Toys drawings and words , educational card game [ English language ]

  • 50 cards with pictures and words
  • Each card is wide and usable on both sides
  • Perfect to start teaching young children to read and count
  • Ages – from 3 years
  • Images bright and colorful
Item Weight299 g
Product Dimensions5 x 19 x 14 cm
Age recommended by the manufacturer3 years and older
Item model number019
languageEnglish, English translation
Model Number019
Number of pieces51
Assembly requiredNo
Batteries requiredNo
Batteries includedNo
Brand: Orchard Toys


4.0 Stars of 5

I like

by Maryam

the size is not small and the bright colors of flashcards allow it a good use for them in a fun way to teach English to young children.

5.0 Stars of 5


by nives

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There are many charts and figures are cute as hell. In 1 day 3 year old to learn all: -)

4.0 Stars of 5

They are beautiful cards

by Mariastella

They are beautiful cards, large, colorful and restistenti. The object name is shown under the design front, but also behind turning the paper. Then there are the cards for the numbers up to ten. I I bought by mistake (I thought they were not of snap cards flash cards) and in any case I have not returned because they are really well made and colorful.
Me and my daughter (2 years) every time we use it, but it looks bigger to play better.