Tie remaining ribbon into a small bow and sew to center bottom. Wipe the frame clean and spot clean or hand wash the removable fabric as needed.

Create them with your kids, for your kids, or you. These crochet doll patterns look great on your dolls. It is cute, and besides a broken arm on the tray, my 3 year old daughter really enjoys playing with this high chair. It's very cheap "wood" and won't even glue together to solve the problem.The pillow feels like it is about 3 thin sheets of fabric sewn together. The blanket is the same "padded" fabric - just a thin rectangle piece of fabric. It's actually just a thin piece of fabric glued to the bottom. This product simply smells like toxic off-gassing from the paint/ finish, and it has not gotten better. My only thing with the product was the way they wanted you to attach the tray to the chair. Total assembly time less than 20 minutes.

Still, normal wear and tear will be the only "defects" visible within a week or two. Our granddaughters have used the first one quite a bit, and expect the same from this one for the other granddaughter's house. Tray assembly requires popping the white plastic "spacer"s into the inside of the hole in the tray. This is the second one we have purchased (two granddaughters in two nearby families). They just get twisted a little and need some adjustment. This is the best high chair out there for the price. The first one went together without a hitch, this one took a little investigation. It's there to make your high chair stronger. It's works just like a piece of sauder furniture (you know those twist and lock thingies you drive into the pre drilled holes). If the bolt will not slip into the hole easily, take a screw driver and slowly turn that screw in the seat back while slowly trying to screw the bolt in until that locking bolt grabs. Thank god my husband is handy and had the right sized screws so he was able to assemble it. Box was smashed in one corner to the point the box was open and the foam inside smashed. My little one got this when she was just shy of 2 years old and still uses it almost daily now hat she's 4. This item ships in its original carton which may include a photo of the product. Plastic plate and spoon and fabric bib may vary from shown. Fabric trim is poly/cotton and can be spot cleaned. Some assembly required, easily completed in minutes with a screwdriver. All paints and finishes are non-toxic built to very exacting standards for safety and quality. It lifts and lowers so it's easy to put your baby doll into the chair and take her out. Spot clean or hand wash the removable fabric as needed with cold water and mild detergent and air dry. High chair is made with wood and durable engineered wood. Wipe the frame clean with a damp cloth and mild soap and dry thoroughly. Sturdy chair has a scalloped seat back with a charming heart cutout. Footrest below the seat is another realistic touch.

Tray can be flipped fully around to the back of the chair so it’s out of the way. The flat tray surface is perfect for perching everything dolly needs at meal time. Doll-size plate, bib, and feeding spoon keep your child engaged in social role-play. Also makes a nice seat to display a treasured collector doll. Cut a piece of ribbon about 24 inches long. Lace through beading around outer edge and sew ends securely. Lace through beading at neck, leaving 12 inches free on each side for ties. Repeat last 2 rows alternately until neck piece measures 1" wide. Sc in each sc, making 3 sc in center sc at each point. Repeat 2nd row until piece measures 2 3/4 inches at increase point. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 19 ch, 3 sc in next ch, sc in each remaining chain.

Doll Bib

Sc in each sc across, making 3 sc in center sc of 3-sc group. This is a full-coverage bib that is great for big, messy eaters. The front of the left neck tab and the back of the right neck tab. Try to sew on as close to the inner edge as possible. When you get to the very end, simply fold over the extra bias tape and sew down. Sewing on double bias tape is pretty easy, you just pin all the way around and then sew. All the food and drips go straight down onto this part so it is better to avoid the bias tape here as it stains and gets yucky really quickly. Many pocket baby bib patterns have you put bias tape along the top edge of the pocket but in this pattern you don't need to because it is one folded piece!

Make Your Own Dolls Doll Clothing and Toys

Fold up the pocket as shown and pin your double fold bias tape all the way around your bib. Do not put pins through your laminated cotton anywhere other than the edges that will be covered by bias tape, or you'll wind up with pin holes!

Above shows what laminated cotton looks like - shiny on one side and then regular wrong side of cotton on the other. The only actual sewing involved is just putting on the bias tape around the edge and attaching either hook and loop or snaps. This is ideal because this way the "pocket" part is laminated on all sides and waterproof, no leaking and easy to clean. You'll notice that you only will be using one piece of fabric!

Make sure you are printing without margins. It will print on 3 regular letter sized pages for you to tape together. To clean your laminated cotton bib, simply hand wash and rinse off with a little warm, soapy water and hang dry.

I like to use laminated cotton so it is completely waterproof, yet thin and comfortable for baby. This one fits size 12 months and up through toddler ages, perfect for when baby is really getting started self-feeding and is the messiest.It is my ultimate functional , full-coverage mess catcher. The plastic on the legs are chipped and peeling. It is hard plastic and sits stiffly on the potty which is not natural and defeats my purpose in giving it as a gift to my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. In the hands of a 3-yr old, the doll was soon looking sad and disheveled!

The cup leeks so badly that it is impossible to have the baby drink from it. Also the doll doesn't sit well on the potty.

The intent was to help with potty training.

I don’t anticipate being able to return the baby as it has been used, but am not satisfied with the product or customer service. Finally, the doll is made of different materials which is not aesthetically pleasing. The cup/bottle do not have flat bottoms, so when you set them down they fall over and the water spills out. When we poured the water down the mouth it didn’t go down easily and spilled down the baby.

I was excited because the doll had a small potty like my daughters and looked cute. However, we quickly discovered that the doll did not work as advertised. In other words, no way to feed the baby now, and squeeze it or something to have it urinate later. This was difficult to deal with while trying to potty train my son. At 14 inches long this doll is perfect for toddler and children to hug, nurture and care for. Your little ones will learn to role-play nurture, love, and care. Your child needs to physically touch, hold and interact with people. It has a soft body that's perfect for hugging.With fabric, thread and a few notions, you can sew and craft your own fun. If you liked this tutorial, you might like one of my other free, printable baby bib patterns!

Overall, we were not happy with this purchase and won’t recommend this doll to our other toddler parents.

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