They'll encounter a brand new nemesis that puts their power and family to the ultimate test!

Fully articulated at 11 points for maximum flexibility and fun.

Doll Costume Kids
Fully articulated 11 points of articulation for maximum flexibility and incredible fun. She can make herself partly or completely invisible or create a force field around herself or in some distance. This fully articulated violet costumed action figure stands 11 inches tall. This time around, the choices are vast and of better quality, particularly this line of 1/6 scale dolls.Violet stands up to the rest in this line, just beautifully. Parents and collectors who will remove the figure should enjoy the decent poseability. Some have voiced concern over the pleather fabric, because it creases, crumbles, and flakes over time. Using a tiny bit of coconut oil every couple of years will offer up the preventative maintenance needed to get a good long life out of it. The alternative to that is to leave the figure in the package. Her face isn’t just painted on, she actually has realistic eyes that look awesome.

My daughter loves this toy and takes it everywhere with her. She’s adorable and true to character and her hair and costume are awesome. Incredible have likewise similarly fragile joints for super heroes. Hands have to be removed in order to do so. Hands held in by a stem which over time would most likely fail so don't do it to often. Joins on the doll are amazing, wide range of movement.

I seriously thing whomever package this thing was afraid it would get loose in the middle of the night and murder then entire family. Whomever packed her, shoved her into a box that was too small and ruined the box that she comes in.

I love the character and wanted a small representation for my collection. She is 7" tall and beautifully dressed with a cute little plastic stand.

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Lol Surprise Dolls Trick Or Treat Lil Sisters Halloween Costumes

LOL Surprise Sugar, Spice, their little sisters and Big Sisters go trick-or -treating!

Let's see what their costumes are and how much ...

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