The cards offered in this project are birthday cards and party invitations. The balloon pop-up is made like a paper doll chain.

Doll Birthday Cards
Using that idea, you'll cut a chain of balloons and glue it inside the card to make a pop-up that springs out when the card is opened!

A set of party invitation patterns, in color and black & white, is also included. Each card pattern has three pieces: the card and two balloon pop-ups. The card will look better and fit together more easily with straight edges.For the "insides" card pattern, cut on the outer black outline for a paper card. For cardstock, cut on the inner black outline. Kids, be sure to get adult help when using a craft knife!

For the "insides" piece, fold the colored side inside the fold. If you are using cardstock, score the fold lines first. Put glue on one half of the "insides" piece.

Diy Birthday Card For Girls

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Turn the card over, and put glue on the other half of the "insides" piece. There are two pop-up strips to choose from. Select one and save the other to use inside another card. The pop-up must be folded before cutting out the balloons. First, fold the pop-up piece in half on the center line. Second, fold back each of the end balloons on the lines. Unfold the pop-up and you have a chain of balloons.

You can decorate the balloons anyway you like. Leave the balloons in this folded stack for gluing. Open the card flat with the inside of the card up. Put glue on the back of the last balloon in the stack. Glue it about ½" from the right edge of the card. Next, put glue on the the back of the balloon on the top of the stack. Fold the left side of the card over on top of the pop-up and press. Molly's books and the movie remained available for purchase. She comes up with various plans to draw attention to herself through the series; several times these plans and ideas are either wholly unrealistic or fall through. She is not very good at math (especially multiplication), hates turnips, and is afraid to swim underwater. She struggles with her looks later in the series, as she wants to look different with curls. Even though she loves her parents, she often finds it hard to get along with her siblings, often getting into disagreements. Molly is a big schemer, often the ring leader when she and her friends make plans. She is prone to daydreaming and fanciful ideas. Barbie fans of all ages to cherish on their special day!

The skirt is made of pink pleated tulle over blue taffeta and is finished with a dainty satin bow tied at the waist. Barbie doll is all dressed up and ready to celebrate your very special occasion!

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Her lovely party dress features pearly trim across the neckline with a shimmery bodice printed with petal and pearl artwork. The skirt is made of pink pleated tulle over blue taffeta accented with a dainty satin bow at the waist. Includes pumps with sculpted bows, pearly earrings and doll stand.

I included some real life photos of this doll so anyone reading this can see how she looks out of the box. Usually the box is more glamorous and has the year listed it. Also, on this doll you can clearly see white glue around the hairline. It was too late for me to send the doll back and get a replacement one.

I bought rhinestone numbers and glued 2017 on the box. Mattels barbie collector dolls going down hill very sad and disgusted and disappointed with my purchase reason for why i am returning these dolls for my refund tomorrow!

Plus these dolls i guess are more for children than adult collector dolls like the black label dolls which so far in my opinion they are better made dolls than these pink label types but anyway the doll i received was a disaster!!!

Mattel even though this issue has been going on for a long time now and doesn't seem to get better but they keep producing new dolls im just going to have to stop buying their collector dolls for their bad quality!

Doll Birthday Cards

Which in this case seems like its the only way not to get disappointed!

Enjoy the pics i posted for your wallets sake!!!

Atleast she doesn't have glue in her head but the new technique they are doing to root the dolls hair this is the same rooting the barbie fashionistas have also beware of those because they have hair line splitting issues too!

What kind of collector dolls are you guys expecting for us doll collectors to collect and how long do you think these poorly made dolls will last?

All i know i wont be buying barbie dolls from this line and pink label dolls anymore!

The doll's hair is curly which she likes and she also likes that the dress is two pieces a skirt and a top. It arrived about 1 hour before the party.

I had to hurry an run to kmart to get a replacement gift sd this was unacceptable.

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