Any bird egg can be facilitated in this process, but most often the larger and stronger the eggshell is, the more favoured it will be by decorators. The egg is then either carved, dyed, painted, appliqued or otherwise decorated (using a number of different techniques).

Doll Decorating
Some eggs, like emu or ostrich eggs, are so large and strong that the shells may be carved without breaking. Decorations on emu eggs take advantage of the contrast in colours between the dark green mottled outside of the shell and the shell-underlay. Family members decorate eggs together and place them in a bowl. Many modern egg artists decorate their "art eggs" by etching or carving, while others paint or cover their eggs with different materials, from paper and fabric to polymer clay and are often painted in bright, spring colours.Another type of egg decoration is egg shoeing , which requires goose eggs and miniature horse-shoes, made of iron or lead.

Giving Dolls Tiny Makeovers (Feat. Shane Dawson)

I found these doll repainting videos and knew that my friend Shane Dawson loves dolls, so we decided to get some Monster High ...

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Repainting Dolls Mh Mouscedes King Faceup Stories Ep.

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☆ Painting Materials ☆ ◦ Faber Castel Watercolour pencils ...

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