It’s also like the ga maestro but more coverage/ natural looking and it wore like iron!

It was a thin fluid, but certainly nothing similar to the maestro.

Doll Beauty Doll Light Highlighter
Also, it’s completely pink/orange despite claiming to be for yellow/golden undertones. Also wasn’t to happy with the eye-dropper style bottle. Plus, they don’t have a fair yellow shade, so the color’s a bit off on me. This looks gorgeous on you, and the details and swatches are incredible as always.You need something that can make it through without being too matte.

I tried the old formula and it lasted only 4 hours on me, despite claims of being long-lasting. It looks natural, lasts pretty long time, gives you radiance, you should definitely check it!

First of all – thank you for being so thorough with your swatches the products you review!

Thanks again for the response, and for your wonderful blog!

Everything that comes in pink packaging gets an instant slot in my heart!

Doll Light Highlighter Review

Doll Light‘ like a diamond’ Highlighter. Hi Everyone, Im hoping this series of 3 minute review helps you guys out with making the …

Instagram feed gave you that impression already. It comes in this really cute hot pink and pastel blue cushion pact. The pact itself isn’t something extraordinary; just the typical round cushion case.

I have to say that this cushion has a generous amount of product. If you’ll take a good look on my bare skin, you’ll spot a scar right there. No need for concealer and as you can see, it’s pretty matte. The shine you see on my cheekbone is my highlighter. See the color difference between my face and neck?

I bet this can last even longer when set with powder!

I must say that you really need to test the shades out very well. In comparison with most cushions today, this one is actually more affordable.

I also hope that they improve the formula with the scent because it smells like grass(?) in a not-so-good way. In middle school my bedroom walls were covered with them. And tried my best to duplicate their wardrobes. Crazy thing is, the guy who made the comment was darker than me.

I have to be pretty—for a dark-skinned girl?

My sense of style would take on a life of its own. My hair was ever-changing: braids one day and a bob the next. My style had become a big part of my identity.

I used my uniqueness to amplify my beauty. Why wasn’t there one celebrity in the limelight as dark as me who was considered beautiful?

During the 18th and 19th centuries, darker-skinned slaves were forced to work in the field, whereas their fair-skinned counterparts had the “privilege” of working indoors. If you were darker than the bag, you were denied. So whenever we’d step out together, it was only a matter of time before colorism reared its ugly head.

magenta purple valentine makdoll light highlighter 1
My little sister, who never wanted to be viewed as “better” or different from the two older sisters she revered, began to feel uncomfortable in her own skin. What makes a person “classically beautiful”?

Beautiful is unapologetically chocolate skin. Not just beautiful for a dark-skinned girl—but beautiful as a person. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Some shipping methods are not available to all addresses. This is an absolutely beautiful collection!

The brush is the absolute best shape, and so soft!

I also use as an “eyeshadow” to highlight my brow bone. The lip color/gloss are so pretty and even smell amazing, like natural moisturizers (cocoa butter or something), and the brow product/brush are so easy to use.

I will absolutely order this collection again!

Doll Beauty Doll Light Highlighter

I always have problems with blush due to my light olive/ sometimes red complexion but this looks great applied lightly. The real winner is the brow lights and brush. Always used a pencil and struggled to make it look natural. This brow product is easy to use and makes my brows look great (it even covers the gray/white hairs). The lipstick did not quite work out on me as my lip color is rosy and lighter pinks wash them out. My favorite is the eye brow creme and brush. First of all the blush and highlight palette, is absolutely wonderful. The blushes are a great mix and the highlighters are great for a more subtle glow.

Shimmering Thoughts

I don’t usually wear much makeup but everything in this kit is awesome. The lipstick and one of the blushes were broken in palette. Returned and didn’t want to take a chance of another broken shipment. The brow product was also too dark for me.

I would repurchase them, then keep on reading!

I have 2 shades to show you and talk about so if you wanna know more about these lipsticks and see some swatches then definitely keep on reading. Today’s post is all about nail polishes and my faves to put on my nails in autumn/winter times. So if you have no idea how to “dress” your nails in these chilly months then definitely keep on reading!

I had was too light and had a greenish tint which wasn’t very nice and 2 it dried out completely.

I love beauty stuff, makeup and all things creative.

We are dedicated to bringing you bold and eclectic brands, many that are vegan and all that are cruelty free!Our makeup line isn’t about covering you up but accentuating your beauty. That’s why our mineral powder set is made up of natural shades that enhance your natural coloring. It’s effortless to put on and you’ll end up with a youthful, radiant glow that will make your true beauty shine through. Mineral pigment binds to oil, not water, so it doesn’t get absorbed into your pores, which is often the culprit for breakouts. It also doesn’t contain chemicals and additives which further irritate the skin’s surface, leading to blotchiness, redness, and pimples. It goes on light so you don’t feel like you’re wearing thick, oily makeup that can look streaky and cakey.

Hmmm. Full Face First Impressions | Jamie Genevieve

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You can use it as shadow for your eyes, blush for your cheeks, or even to contour skin.

You receive all of those things in this contouring set. Because this mineral powder make up contains everything you could need in one, compact packaging, you don’t need to take anything else with you. Also, the bases stack together so there’s no spills or mess in your makeup bag, making one less thing for you to worry about when you travel. Very soft and shiny look and feel, just beautiful.

I have used them for both eye shadow and blush and they go on nicely.

I read where one reviewer thought them to be messy due to each not having its own cap. This can be a problem and was glad that mine package had two extra caps.

I would not let the fact that all the shadow cups are inter-connected keep you from buying this product.

We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer.

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magenta purple valentine makdoll light highlighter 2