But any girl with a fever for fashion knows that there is no such thing as too many shoes. The rotating pole lets you combine clothing for different outfits at the touch of a button.

Doll Fashion Boutique
This playset’s ingenious centerpiece is a pole in three rotating parts, and with four sides. So on the top tier of the pole, you can hang things like hats, sunglasses, and jewelry on each of the four spots. Once the pieces are hung, shoppers can rotate the individual tiers to see a multitude of style options. Love that scoop neck top, but just arenÕt sure what bottom it goes with?Also included is a display stand that doubles as the cashier counter where you “buy” your clothes. Once the balance hits zero, it will reset so you can continue to shop. The thing looks assembled but is actually in quite a few pieces and needs to be assembled.

I tried and tried but could not get this to work – all those loose pieces made it rickety and unstable.

I didn’t even like the outfits it came with. Certainly not for a child under the age of 10 since it is so rickety.
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It’s cute and a great concept, but keeps falling apart!

The top falls off and the pieces that hold the clothes fall off. She loved it and has fun playing with it. The price was great and it came with so many accessories.

I could tell my daughter it’s a check card like mommy’s. It also doesn’t mean you should bash a company in a review when you’ve never even purchased it. Some people only look at the number of stars rather than read reviews. Barbie those clothes are supposed to fit. They did not fit any of my daughters barbies, only one shirt or skirt (can’t remember which) was usable, the rest were way too small and useless. It is a round cylinder sectoned into 3 parts: the head, the top, and the bottom. It is deigned to be a real life fashion plate (for those old enough to remember fashion plates). The mannequin pieces the hold the clothes continually fall off. The outfits that come with it are great and she is always changing her outfits and brushing her hair with the brush that also came with it. There are a couple pair of shoes which is great because they always seem to disappear and there is a purse and a shopping bag.

I was impressed with the quality of the doll and the two outfits that came with it. It would have been much more expensive to buy the doll and two outfits seperately. Grand dad doesn’t know about such things past buying the stuff. The little girl unwrapped it and started ripping the box open. She forgot she had two more presents from us. Just like all the rest in the stores only way cheaper. Inexpensive alternative if you’re gonna give as a gift, or just a keepsake. Its not educational and it doesn’t do much for realistic body image but its great fun for little girls to play with.

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Fabulous Craft Review Doll Fashion Boutique

by request: Build your dolls this FABSOME Doll Fashion Boutique today with the help of Froggy and this Fabulous behind the …