We decided to put these together into a collection for your convenient viewing pleasure.

You see, people (especially parents) love things that come in multi-packs.

Our eyes go big with possibility when we see one of those really gigantic, over-sized bulk shopping carts. It just makes things easier and it saves on money, shopping trips and burnt out brain cells. Like carpet bombing… erm… uhhh, except with laughter instead of explosions, of course. He just get’s feisty with barrels when he’s hungry and nap-time is approaching.My daughter often ends up in that position. Rest assured it’s definitely on the list. One can tolerate a lot on a limited basis, but every day?

I tried to sooth her back to sleep to find out that she actually was asleep, but attempting to sleep walk.

I can get enough sleep to function at work. He particularly enjoys bed-torturing his daddy.

Plus me and their dad are looking forward to when their teenagers, so we can get them up at 6 and 7am ( aww payback haha) we probably won’t as we’re been making up for years of sleep lose!

Mom and dad sleep giving their back one to the other in most cases.

I sleep facing my husband, or he spoons me, or i just snuggle under his arm. The baby can stay in the same room when he/she is small, but in their bed.

I always said that baby would sleep in his crib and never in our bed, but he starts in his crib and come morning he’s in our bed. Realism and parenting get together real fast after the baby comes. What woke me was being whacked in the nose by the freakishly hard baby doll head.

I suppose is a combination of all of these. Wherever you move to on the matress, your still being chased.

I have taken to sleeping cowering under my arm to avoid this post sleep trauma/concussion. It may take a while but you’ll see that one some day. Deodorant is on the list of upcoming positions.

I have to repel her like a lovesick zombie, but she keeps coming back. Can’t imagine what it would be if husband was also in bed. Like others have said — you are geniuses. Ok, how about a toddler or 3-4 year old sleep positions. From my experience with my 3 year old twin boys… hm, nothing is really funny. Insisting he can only sleep with a plastic tow truck that is practically bigger than he is. The argument that trucks don’t sleep in beds vigorously contested. Waking up and screaming for mommy to get muck. My twin boys sleep in the same single bed with a pillow buffer between ’em, bed rail on one side of the bed, wall on the other. For them, it’s the most natural thing in the world. When they are asleep, it is a priceless image. Me wedged beween them, trying to get up if there was any chance i could, one boy holding me down with a strangle-hold around my neck, the other climbs on top.

My 9 month old sleep- bangs the walls as if checking for studs.

I think he is going to be a builder or demolition expert.

I this this is the very safe way to keep my child.