We had to take out a few small pieces for when she gets older but we sit on the floor together and play with them for long periods of time together. She loves putting on the different outfits.

It would have been nice to have a sealable container to keep these in, but other than that, we love this set!

Pieces are large enough to be easily handled and there are plenty for some long, quiet playtime. Knocked off a star because once out of the plastic wrap, there is no way to easily keep all the little pieces in their storage.

I remember playing with paper dolls as a kid until the little tabs that held the clothes on the dolls would tear off.But todays little wooden dolls with magnets to hold on their clothes is a marvelous idea. However, my daughter still likes the dolls. Would be better if it had a hard plastic lid or something you could use for storage. Would it have been so difficult for the manufacturer to package the product in some kind of case or enclosed top so it can be stored safely instead of completely loose as it is now?

It will be a miracle, however, if all the pieces aren't missing by the end of the week.