She plays with them often and her friends seem to like them also. She is exactly as described and pictured.

We'll see how well they stand up over time. She also had the cutest box, and it was in good shape. The hair can be improved a bit by brushing it out and toying around with it a bit, but the collar refuses to stay straight. She is obessssessssed with these dolls and want to collect all of them but had trouble finding "the pink and black haired one".Her black shoes are like mary-janes on the bottom half with little bows on the back of her legs at the top of criss-cross straps. This pulled back hairstyle also gives a good view of her slightly pointed ears. She wears a lace print black and white blouse with a black collar trimmed in micro lace.

You can't tell from the picture, but her black and pink hair is styled into two cute little buns on top of her head behind her removable plastic pink bow headband.

I think this doll has a lot of appeal, with a very sweet gothloli style that suits her character. Fearbook journals and picture day stickers, they can swap, trade and store the photographic memories.

Each doll sports a fiercely fashionable new outfit incorporating details that celebrate her unique personality and style.