But many parents know that finding an affordable and beautiful option can be tricky. Any parent with a doll-loving child knows just how pricy it can be to spruce up the doll’s wardrobe.

Doll Me Nightgown
Paige – a sweet doll with brown eyes and long brown hair comes wearing a hot pink nightgown. Alexis – an enchanting blue eyed, blonde haired doll wearing a bright blue nightgown that matches her eyes. Madison – a gorgeous doll with brown eyes, curly black hair in a yellow nightgown. Savannah – a striking green eyed, red haired doll arrives wearing a purple nightgown.She looks alot like my granddaughter, and the doll would be a gift for her!

I know my granddaughter would like her because they look alike.

I do not know if the last one went through. Anyone who to posts them on other websites, or for any publishing, please contact the author and get the permission first.

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How To Sew A Nightgown For Your Ag Doll!

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