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Doll Cradle Toys R Us
Each fun-filled moment is a stepping stone to new learning, new discoveries, and new skills. She plays baby dolls for hours with this and loves the music and mobile that come with it. It is a little cheaply made (the cradle bed is cardboard and the plastic is weak in parts) but for her playing purposes it is great. Because it is light weight she can carry it to any room she wants to play.The bottom of the cradle - the part that holds the dolls in - is flimsy cardboard. It breaks easily with normal use, rendering the cradle completely useless. The company should be ashamed for selling such a piece of junk. It hadn't been put together for 5 min when she tried to take her doll out and the bottom came out of it. It is only cheap cardboard and pushes out very easily. Even the plastic in the sides and on the rockers bends, it is not very durable at all.

Super Fun Reborn/Silicone Outing To Toys R Us!!

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I replaced this toy with another one and gave this to an older child and there were still a lot of problems with it.

I would have rated the fun a four because she loved to play with it but was so frusterated when it broke that it took all of the fun out of it. Neither my 4 year old nor my 2 year old can play with it for 1 minute without the bottom crashing through and the cross bars collapsing. A simple heavy hand of a preschooler or toddler leaves it in pieces- and my 2 year old got her hand stuck between the flexible plastic bottom and the side, leaving her with a nasty pinch.

We got this as a gift after we had asked for a wooden cradle and the gift giver thought this was a better deal. It's a shame because my daughter loves to rock her babies. If your child just pushes on it, the cardboard will bend or break. This would be good for an older child who can treat it better, but definitely not for a 2 year old. After 5 minutes the cardboard is already bent up a bunch. The mattress is cardboard for crying out loud!

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