All colors and figure are 100% natural from the wood. Done from personal photos, each one of a kind.

Doll Furniture Crafts
Salt dough bread, packaged in a basket ready for display. Each one is hand crafted, decorated and finished with a hard coat laquer. Can be custom ordered with personalization. Includes tips, tutorials, and free craft giveaways.We have wood wall shelves, spice racks, doll furniture, curio shelves and other home decor items in our country woodcrafts line. Domestic, exotic or a combination of these woods are used to create unique and special gifts or decor for the home. Also, wooden jewelry, accessories, art and decor. Creations that are enduring and will become the heirlooms of tomorrow. Anything that can be painted made with a primitive style. Exquisite dried flower herb wreaths, preserved wedding bouquets, floral arrangements and more.

10 Recycled Dollhouse Furniture Crafts

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Now you can have a police dog house for your pet too. Also handmade sculptures and wall hangings. Penmaking kits, blanks, tools and supplies. Embellished with embossed copper overlay and 100% gold, copper and silver leaf. All pieces coated with heavy duty water-based polyurethane. Three types of burr type grinder mechanisms available. Each box is individually crafted inspired by features of the timber. Small diamonds and triangles of different kinds of wood glued onto a base.

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