Also included are non-profit and university art galleries. The album is in excellent condition – just a bit.

We do our very best, but we are not infallible. Approx 800 unused matchbooks, approx 50 matchboxes.

I attempt to represent the item to the best of my ability. My grandmother collected a lot of different things.I got some sewing ideas, such as the elastic to hold the shirt down and making the collar & stand in one piece. The running and kneeling poses required a little balance against the wall. In essence, the foot has a little plastic bar part that goes through two holders that (my guess) are probably part of a ball joint in the lower leg. It was gross, and there was a bald spot or two in the back. His face does not have a ton of room for large, innocent-looking eyes, but you can at least probably change out the eyebrows or something. For the most part he's just as nice looking, this is a totally great sculpt, but there are two things that keep me from giving him 5 stars instead of 4.
Join the Ruby Lane 'Dolly Cam' as we explore the last hallway full of vintage dolls at the Mid-Ohio Historical Doll and Toy ...

First, one of his eyebrows has this weird little add on stripe that looks kind of odd. If a male doll ever needed a re-root it's this one!

He photographs well, if that's your thing too. Be sure to include your name and location (not address, just which part of the world you live in) when sending in your submission.

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