Coaching, and the relationships we build, is a privilege.

We are demanding to those that are not reaching their potential and understanding to those with less ability.

Doll Coaches
As they grow into young men, a good coach will be a role model and, at times, a father figure to those that could lose their way.

I expect the best effort out of players, both physically and mentally.

I hope to ingrain a work ethic in players that will serve them well, not only in the game of soccer, but in all aspects of their life. All the lessons learned through all the seasons will make no only better players but good people for our community.I focus on technical ability and teaching the girls while at practice. Providing a learning environment that guides toward discovery and allows the freedom to be expressive while learning the disciplines and functionality that will benefit the athlete at the next level and in life. Creativity, and great vision for the game are the final pieces in making of a great player.

I look forward to being able to help all kids in their journey within this game. Teaching student-athletes to believe and understand the process in their soccer and daily lives. A player must be willing to work as hard as possible to achieve their goals not just in a sport but in all aspects of their life.

Develop players and put them in the best position to be successful in each and every training or game. Develop boys and prepare them for next level. Grades are 1st priority on any of my teams which will help them succeed in all facets of life. The player must commit, sacrifice and have the hunger to grow away from the training field, when no one is watching to truly maximize their potential.

I try to teach them to be good human beings who can work in a group and thrive to not only be great soccer players but great people as well. All these element must be present in practice. Soccer is simple game and the difficulty of the game is to make it simple for the player to understand it. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about coaches gift?

The most common coaches gift material is metal. I basically have to sit on my hands the whole class, which makes me anxious.

I can do all three at the same time and never get stuck. It may look intimidating, but my heart is as soft as silk. She's always supplying me with buzz worthy moments.

I love to get wrapped up in spikes, studs and colors that totally scream. Oh well, it's just a day in the life of a boogey monster. It's really hard to build dreams on suspicious minds.

I really don't have room in my unlife for anything else.

I hate having to explain the punchline - it ruins the whole joke.

I do love dark blues and deep purples, especially when they blend together like smoke on the water. This gives me all the more time for the really important decisions. There's nothing quite as peaceful and invigorating as exploring the wilderness and meeting the creatures that live there.

I simply adore faux fur, animal prints and feathers.

I love learning new tips and tricks that will help me perfect my craft.

I am also strong, independent and capable - you would do well to remember that.

Please allow for adequate time when asking me to go somewhere with you.

I get to show off my mad athletic skills in front of the ghouls. Although her nervous demeanor belies her rather intimidating name, she is almost always ready to charge into any situation at a moments notice… almost. Writing and making movies with my friends are some of my favorite things to do. After all, music is just math with a melody and a beat.

I live in the city where art history is all around me. It is three layers of the puff pastry filled with the sweet scream and the sugar powdered on top.

I like to wear fashions that sparkle and flash cause they make me feel lucky. It sounds boring, but it's really creepy cool!

I kind of like shepard's pie too…only without the wool.

I have been fortunate enough to train with the finest acting coaches in the world and am always eager to learn more.

Doll Coaches

Don't let the name fool you, he's actually quite unpretentious. It's not so much the class but the tiny car you have to drive. He is straggly and strange looking and kind of rat-like.

I work on a radio show that networks shelter dogs to ­find them homes. He has a lot of anxiety issues from his terrible life. Plus, he isn't exactly the cutest dog in the shelter. Stripes and plaids and bold patterns rock. It takes a bullhorn and a crane to wake me from my dreams.

I like to work in a tie (bow ties and neckties) every once in a while. For details on noteworthy changes that may have occurred, see the notes section. A few profiles have more than one version in existence. This page has the final versions transcribed. He had previously been head coach from 1989 to 2005. The doll profiles have been distributed over several subpages based on the year in which a character received its first doll. He had previously been head coach from 2000 to 2010.

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