Her make up is natural and with positive attitude.

I am very satisfy with her make up skills and passions to her works.

Doll Eye Makeup Tutorial
I do recommend her make up services to many of my relatives and friends before and they do agree her talent in make up skills.

I see that you're a wedding planner as well. She is a consumate professional, very punctual & friendly. The only potential downside is she is so in demand, she is often not available if you book her too late.He focuses mostly on bringing out your eyes for the makeup and he did a great job making me look as natural as possible. He was polite and punctual and even contacted me before the wedding to make sure all the details (time, venue etc). She is currently a teacher at the centre and at the same time, she also provide her profesional service under the the company she work with. If you don't like the styling during the trial session, you can still change it.

I have been a make up artist for more than 5 years now.

We provide bridal makeup, modeling makeup, event makeup and also classes for personal makeup session.
Hey guys!

After my last video (my highlight & contour routine) some people were also asking for a tutorial on the eye look I was ...

I did makeup for any skin type (chinesse, malay and indian) according to my client's request. The main reason is because her make-up is natural looking. She also can create the hair-do that you want and she is very good with braids style.

I would love for you to post up my info on your page. They gave me a trial session about two weeks before my wedding.

I had about 8 other family members and bridesmaids who had their make-up done by their team of make-up artists. A bit disappointed when she did not tidy/shave my eyebrows, reason being she was afraid that she would accidentally cut me. The dinner hairdo wasn't as neat as it should be. There were still a few strands of hair which she missed.

I would share my desired look w her and ask her opinions on the dresses and she was ever ready to advise. Not only did she not turn up for the makeup and hairdo, she even tried to cover it with anothwr excuse. Everyone makes mistakes, i can understand if the alarm missed. A simple sorry and making it up to me would be good enough. Covering her mistake with another excuse is just downright wrong. In my opinion, i think she has committed the worst sin ever a mua can ever make.

We look forward to your positive response. A professional touch with sweet & natural look. They were one of the first steps on my sewing journey and are a great beginner project for crafters. Once you've made a couple of monkeys you'll whizz through them at no time!

Turn one sock inside out and flatten it with the toe at the top and ankle at the bottom. Draw a line that begins half an inch from the heel towards the ankle. When your line reaches the elasticated ankle section, draw a curve around the bottom edge, curving up towards the outer edge to create a rounded foot shape. Turn the remaining sock inside out and flatten this one in profile. Cut the tail out near the stitching line.

Lip Makeup

list bridal artists malaysiatutorial 1
Trim around the curved edge, and cut straight across the top of the tail discarding the toe section of the sock. The remaining piece of this sock will become the arms, snout and ears. Keeping this piece flattened in profile, trim off the elasticated ankle portion and discard. The ankle of the sock (rectangle on the left) will become the ears. Cut out the heel section to become the snout. Trim off the toe section of the sock and discard. Using the foot rectangle from the previous step, cut down the folded long side to create 2 pieces.

I tend to put a couple of pins in before cutting as shown in the pic. Keeping close to the edge, sew down the long edge and again sew a curve around one end. Trim around the curve, and the arms should look like this pic, open at one end, long threads and curved at the other end. Take the rectangle of fabric from the ankle in step 8.

Doll Eye Makeup Tutorial

Keeping the pieces folded, pin them to keep them in place, and draw a curved shape (the fold is at the top in this pic) leaving the bottom edge open. Trim the ears, again leaving long threads. Turn all the pieces right side out, use a knitting needle to gently poke to the curves and corners out. To give the ears some substance, put a small amount of stuffing in them. The ears should now look like this, still with the long threads from step 16. Using the gap in the monkey crotch, carefully stuff the torso with wadding. Stuff the arm and tail pieces, again using the knitting needle to get right to the ends.

You should now have a stuffed body, 2 arms, a tail, 2 ears and a snout as in the pic.

List Of Bridal Makeup Artists In Malaysia

Using one of the long threads, sew up the crotch opening using slip stitch, turning in the raw edges. Using the long threads from the machine stitching means you don't have to worry about securing the thread as you start, it's not going to unravel. Secure the end and trim the thread leaving a couple of inches, hide this loose end in the body. Attach the arms on the monkey approximately halfway down the torso. Using one of the long threads left from machine sewing, hand sew the arm to the body. Use small stitches and tuck the raw edges under.

I sew around the arm twice, then knot and hide the loose end in the monkey body. Attach the ears, once again using the long threads to hand sew the ears on each side of the monkeys head.

I position the ears midway between the arms and the tip of the head. And your monkey is now looking very monkey-like!

Take the heel piece cut from the second sock in step 8 and pin it to the monkeys face.I line up the edge of the snout midway between the arm and ear. Do not pin the snout tight & flat, it needs room for the stuffing. Hand sew the snout to the body, tucking the raw edges under and using small stitches. Thread a large needle with wool and insert it from the back of the monkeys head, bringing the needle out at the edge of the snout. Do a single backstitch at the edge of the mouth. Take the wool over the snout and do a single backstitch at the other side of the mouth, taking the needle back through the head and snip off the remaining wool.

Dolly Eye Makeup Tutorial

Circle Lenses: www.uniqso.com/princess-mimi-green-apple/home&tracking=51e3c3c9c8f45 Use code "PMTea" to get a discount ...

You now have a monkeys smile that needs stitching into place, you don't want a sad monkey!

Thread a needle with cotton, matching the colour of the wool smile. Start at one end of the smile, use small stitches over and under the wool, catching it into place. And you've finished, congratulations on the arrival of your new baby monkey!

I hope this step by step tutorial has been helpful, and while there are 40 steps listed, once you have made a few monkeys you'll realise just how easy they are. Of course you can always dress your monkeys too, mine are often seen wearing a scarf, a tutu or sometimes both!

I do either of these, or if you have a go at making a monkey yourself.

I know poeple have used over the knee adult socks to make monkeys with looong arms and legs, that might be an option?

Thanks for your lovely comment and support!

I would like to know how to dress please. My mom always kept herself busy in making little animals.

I teach in a low income area where they don't get a lot.

I want all my students to remember education is important and that they can overcome anything.I am going to i list my mother in law, she doesn't know it yet, to help. Wish me luck and thanks for this step by step tutorial!!

I love reading your comments, so let me know what you think!

It's so easy to film and upload there and get noticed. How many of you knew that was the video started??


I had some trouble uploading this video on youtube. Such a breathe of fresh air to the music industry.

I wanted to do this cosplay video for a while now. My costume had been laying around for too long. My sister just opened her own youtube channel.

I am not gonna give you spoilers but it was a tough challenge. Halloween is right around the corner and if you need ideas you have come to the right place/channel. Admittedly, green eyeshadows are far and few between in my collection. First apply an eyeshadow base of your choosing. From where the guide line has been placed, take your brush and begin feathering the color inwardly (in one direction) towards the nose in a wedge shape, rather than blending back and forth. This blog is about positivity and inspiration sewn in with a little humor. Makeup is not serious, but how we feel after we apply it, is no joking matter!!!

Lipsticks have always been a makeup bag staple. This makeup vlogger received the best compliment from his dad while filming a tutorial.

I wanted to do something colorful and bright.

I were this close to my dad in real life and hopefully one day we could talk about anything together. My dad was surprised to hear that this video went viral because to him, this shouldn’t be something abnormal. Edgerton’s full tutorial below — and prepare to be wowed by his vibrant transformation. But his story was even more extraordinary than anyone thought.

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