Polymer clay is used on the claws and horns, the latter of which glow in the dark. He also has plastic safety eyes and whiskers made out of thin coated steel wire.

Doll Armature Tutorial
He’s full of armature from head to tail meaning he can be posed in a number of ways. His tiny wings can be spread of folded to his body too. Trico is the size of a large house cat and it about as heavy as one as well. All the faux fur, aluminium armature and stuffing end up being surprisingly heavy.He takes pride of place on my plushie shelf. There are all in my unfinished loft conversion as it’s the only place that isn’t full of clutter.

I have made a few plushies but nothing even close to you. Perhaps a list of all the materials you used and a stitching pattern and so on and so forth.

I would adore having one of these in my room!!

Using aluminium wire to put together a basic quadruped doll armature!

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Needle Felt a Doll Tutorial. Learn how to needle felt a doll with armature. (SEE CHAPTER MARKERS BELOW) An introduction to ...

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